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Discount Baby Products

Discount Baby Products and Where to Find Them!

Discount Baby Products and Where to Find Them!

Discount Baby Products. Where do I find the good stuff for cheap? For starters, you can use this as a resource guide to learn all the different ways you can save when it comes to discount baby products. We’ve done the leg work so you can search easy. And you don’t have to break the bank when you need things like car seats and cribs.

We all know how expensive some of these things can be. It’s not uncommon to see strollers for $500! Now, don’t freak out! You don’t have to spend that kind of money when it comes to cruising around with your kid in style. Of course, safety first. But did you know that there’s tons of cheap baby stuff online? You can find discount baby products online.

Discount Baby Products are something every parent wants to know about. There are some baby items worth spending money on, but not everything has to be “top shelf” when it comes to the baby essentials. You can find cheap baby products at sites like, (clearance pages), (clearance pages),, and (baby/kid stuff section).  Another favorite online spot for big savings is On the Clearance pages of, you will find cheap baby products and great deals like a 3 pack of long sleeve baby onesies for $3.99 or a pair of plush baby booties for $1.99. They also have deals like baby’s 1st pair of shoes for $5.99 or the infamously funny baby body suit that reads, “Poop Happens” for $3.99. Who can resist?

Frugal Finds & Discount Baby Products:

Here’s another good one, check out For a one time $4.95 membership fee, you can offer your free items on for someone else to come pick up and also use the site to find free stuff that others are willing to give. Everything is free and it’s local. $4.95 for unlimited free opportunities sounds like a pretty good deal for cheap baby items.

Is $4.95 too much for you? You can find the FREE version at This is basically the same type of service site with a few differences in audience, but without the membership fee. I don’t know about you, but for $4.95 I think it’s worth taking a peek at both.

A lot of parents find that it’s helpful to maintain chats and exchange info through online blogs and forums. It’s a very common source of information now in this age. People no longer consult their professionals, they go to the web! Blogs like the ones you’ll find for parenting magazines are great! You can go to the “community” pages on sites like to see forums on parenting and tips on all sorts of things, including how to save money while on vacation, save money while traveling, shopping, saving money with schooling, education at home, ect. There are all sorts of topics of discussion out there. When I set out to talk about Saving money with baby products, I didn’t know a quarter of the info I began with. I’ve learn a great deal about discount baby products, where to find them and how much you can save using different avenues. I hope this site can be a resource for other parents out there looking to share tips on living frugal with a baby.

You can also score cheap baby items locally if you’re lucky enough to have a DollarTree store near you. At the DollarTree, everything is just $1. Here, you can find cheap baby clothes, hats, baby care products, wipes, soaps, shampoos, and especially sippy cups, bottles, snack bags, toys and seasonal items. These stores are perfect when looking for cheap baby products. For $1 per item, you can stock up on party supplies, paper cups, plates, gift bags, wrapping papers, cards, novelty toys, ect. Not to mention those cheap serving platters, which are perfect for sharing your cupcakes and not your prized serveware. Cheap baby stuff is not hard to find if you know where to look. Garage Sales, Church Bazaars, Goodwills and other Thrift stores can also save you tons! Realistically, a baby grows way too fast to enjoy wearing one outfit more than 3 times before growing out of it. It’s a fact that many mother will testify to. Most moms would shamefully admit buying several outfits that never got worn. Do yourself a favor, along with searching for money saving baby tips, also consider simply buying less. Have fun with your cheap baby product search. Being frugal can be a challenge, but it can also be fun. Good luck!

If you’re in the market for discount baby products and items, then you will likely be interested in not just saving money, but maybe making some too!  Have you ever considered entering a few photo contests or sweepstakes for baby products or even cash prizes?  One of the best out there is the infamous Cute Kid Contest.  Apply Here for The Cute Kid Photo Contest!

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