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Free Pregnancy Products! Finding Free and Gently Used Maternity Clothes Online - Shopping for maternity clothes can be fun, especially if you have money to burn. However, most pregnant women have so many things to buy for their upcoming arrival that maternity clothes fall at the end of the priority list when it comes to spending. You do need clothing for those 40 weeks of pregnancy, however, and wearing your partner’s sweatpants will only get you so far. So, if you are not prepared to spend a lot of money, be sure to shop online for used maternity clothes or clothes on clearance to save yourself money. It sure beats getting out in the heat and hitting the local garage sales and you will get much better deals that you would if you shopped at consignment stores.  I’ve seen baby and maternity clothes on Amazon and Ebay for less than a dollar.  Maternity clothes and belly under garments for a few dollars.  Now, that’s not free, but pretty darn close!

The best places to look for used maternity clothes are your friends (that’s where the free part comes in), Craigslist, Amazon, Ebay, or online discount stores. You can often find bulk packages of maternity clothes in your size.  But just the sound of “bulk” maternity wear isn’t very appealing.

You will be able to get several pieces of clothing for very little money if you have the patients to look for it. Of course, always be on the lookout for shipping costs, which can sometimes add up and not make the sale worth it for you.

Maternity Forums. In addition to online auctions, you can also find used maternity clothes on pregnant women forums.  By making friends online, some are bound to be local and have maternity wear that they may want to sell or even give you.  There are many of these online forums that will allow you to advertise pregnancy items for free. You will be able to chat with other women like yourself and possibly make some very good trades. So, be sure to check these out as well. There is nothing better than finding a place to socialize and share your pregnancy stories with other women like yourself.

Where to Find Free Baby Items.. Anyone with a small child already knows how expensive raising a baby can be; this is why someone created a wonderful thing called a baby shower. However, unless you perfect your baby registry and everyone gets you every single thing you asked for, it’s difficult to ensure you get everything you want and need. And even if you did have the perfect shower, the items you received won’t last forever. When you notice your items are dwindling, you get desperate, calling grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, godparents, etc. as the anonymous “baby” asking for more diapers to be shipped to an old, abandoned building – or else. But threatening people is not always necessary. So to avoid having to conjure up a baby voice just to get the expensive items you need, you might want to check out the numerous websites popping up that offer free baby items.

More and more websites are offering lots of free items to willing recipients. Many of these “free sites” used to offer frivolous items like pizza coupons or even sweepstakes entries, but the world of free has evolved and babies were not left behind. Now there are numerous sites available for parents to receive free baby items, free diapers, formula vouchers, and samples, usually with some type of registration required. To explore what is available out there, I took a look at some of the more popular sites for free baby items. Baby to Bee is a baby itself, starting officially in October of 2003. But the site has grown quickly over the years becoming very popular for offering free baby items like coupons, and information on baby cribs, clothes, furniture, toys and more.  The site is pretty easy to use and really has a lot to offer.

This site also offers tons of articles and advice on becoming a parent, including recognizing the symptoms of teething, foods to eat during pregnancy, and even when Moms can have sex after giving birth (I know … not exact about the child, right?). It also has a $2500 Baby Photo Contest.  If you haven’t looked into a baby photo contest yet, do it!  Also see the article: 33 baby photo contests to look into. states on its site that it currently reaches one-third of the 3 million pregnant women out there and within the next year, they intend to reach up to 50% of expecting parents – quite a goal! But as they grow in popularity, and continue to serve the masses with quality information, they just may attain that goal.

Baby to Bee has a few free clubs available to join such as Growing Family, American Baby, and Gerber Life. Growing Family is a free membership where you can receive free coupons, discounts and samples as well as “milestone gifts” for parents. American Baby offers a free 6 month subscription to their magazine and special offers inside for new parents. And Gerber Life is a program that offers three months of free life insurance and a free Gerber newsletter after a registration process.  Be sure to register at for new parent info and free offers there as well.  Offers are updated often so it would be a good idea to check the site frequently to keep up with current info.  Free Mania was a website created by a 14-year-old in 1996. Over a decade later the site has exploded and is one of the most popular “free sites” on the Internet – much it its success due to the offering of free baby items.

The site currently offers free baby and grocery coupons for everything from baby formula and food, to diapers and clothes. They have free coupons for Target, Chuck E Cheese, Baskin Robbins and even a free Denny’s Kids Meal. They also offer coupons for Similac and Gerber along with free samples of Bright Beginnings Formula. You can receive free recipes, potty training kits, diaper rash cream, and even a free 12-month subscription to Parents Magazine. And if you and your baby like to travel in style, you can receive coupons for Kate Spade, Babies’R’Us, Gap Maternity and more!

One thing that’s different from this site is that the majority of their free baby items are offered without the obligation to fulfill offers from sponsors. You simply click on the link that will take you to the item of choice. If it is available, you can have it – no questions asked. Nice, right?  I actually heard about this website for free baby items on my local radio station, which prompted me to check their site for more information. On the radio, they talked about all of the free things you can receive just by stopping by their website, so I had to know more. When I reached the site, I was greeted by pictures of precious babies, diapers, cribs, and formula. But once I got a good look at the site, I realized that it offers significantly less than the other the previous two sites I mentioned (not that anything free isn’t good, mind you!). The items they offer at this point are: Ultimate Pampers Package, Ultimate Huggies Package, Enfamil, Similac, the Storkcraft 3-in-1 Crib, and the Graco Family Tree Package.

I was interested in learning more about how to receive one of the items so I strolled down further only to be greeted by the terms and conditions. I discovered that in order to receive any of the free baby items, a person must register, complete a user survey then complete “at least 2 Silver, 2 Gold and 4 Platinum offers.” Now I’m not a big fan of “completing offers” because it usually means I have to whip out my credit card then mark the calendar to remember to cancel what I never wanted in the first place. Not to mention the difficulty with dealing with customer service reps who want to keep giving you “3 free months.” But that’s a totally different article.

Aside from having to sign up for offers, it seems to be a good site. It doesn’t offer any additional advice or information, but being able to receive one of the items I’ve mentioned able is certainly a plus – and one more thing than you had before visiting the site!

No matter where you choose to go to find your free baby items, the fact remains – they’re free! So when you have some time, check out these free sites along with the dozens of other sites out there that might be of assistance to you. You can even benefit from them without having your own child (can we say free baby items for a shower or two?). But you didn’t hear that from me!

Maternity clothing is manufactured to cater for your expanding bust, hips and waist that naturally occurs during pregnancy. Obviously it also caters for your bump that will be sitting out in front before you know it.

Many women wonder if they really need to purchase maternity clothing at all, the answer is pretty simple. If you want to look good and stay comfortable, Yes.

If you do decide that you do-not want maternity clothing you will find pants, shirts and shorts are the hardest garments to get away with this in. Normal clothing just does not allow for a belly to poke out the way your bump will!

There is an item called a belly belt that can be very useful and some mothers manage with these for a majority of their pregnancy. It consists of various size elastic strips that have a button at one end, and a button hole at the other. It comes with different colour belly panels to insert depending on the colour of your outfit. The idea is to place the belt between your normal button and button hole allowing you to wear your normal clothes for longer into your pregnancy.

Pro- Great for the first few months. You can wear your own clothes for longer.

Con- Can only be used for clothes that have a button and zip at the front. Often as your pregnancy progresses you will still find that your normal pants, skirts or shorts end up tight in the legs and hips as these areas are the natural place for your body to store fat as it prepares for the birth of your baby. Maternity clothing is designed with this in mind.

Maternity clothing is designed to be more flattering these days then what it once was. These days most women are extremely excited about their pregnancy and want to show their ‘bumps’ to the world. You will achieve this better and remain more comfortable throughout your pregnancy by carefully selecting a few quality maternity wear garments. As most tend to do with their normal wardrobes you will have your favourite outfits that you wear constantly so you will want garments that wash and wear well. There are two main things to consider prior to making your new wardrobe purchases:

How much wear will I get out of this item?

Consider the style and think about what stages of your pregnancy you will be able to wear it. Look for garments that will look good and feel comfortable regardless of if you are 3 months pregnant or 9 months. Many are also suitable post pregnancy while you are working on getting your shape back, these are a great choice.

How comfortable will this be on my stomach?

If this is your first pregnancy it maybe a little hard to imagine what you will feel like at 8 months pregnant, but roughly it is like someone has placed a basketball inside your belly. It isn’t very flexible, doesn’t like to bend to much and doesn’t like pressure on it. So the last thing you want is something that cuts across your belly.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune on you maternity wardrobe. By carefully selecting some basic mix and match items you can keep your budget in check. Recommended must have basics would be one or two pairs of comfortable pants, a skirt – length dependant on personal preference, and depending on time of year a pair of shorts. For tops you often can get away with your own for longer then with your pants however eventually you will require more room. Although it maybe tempting to just buy larger sizes you will find they look too big around the shoulders and will be firm around the waist. Maternity tops generally are designed fuller in the bust area and have longer front hemlines to allow an even look as your bump expands, so a couple of Maternity tops and you have your wardrobe set.

With the economy being what it is these days, everybody is looking for ways to save money. Whether it’s giving up your weekly lottery ticket, not buying brand name products at the grocery store, the entire country seems to be feeling the pinch. And with a baby on the way, it may be hard for you to justify spending hundreds of dollars on a whole new wardrobe that you may only be wearing for another 6 months.

Although it’s not a particularly good idea to suffer through your pregnancy trying to squeeze your expanding body into your pre-pregnancy clothes, there are some ways that you can feel comfortable throughout your nine months without breaking the bank.

Ask Friends or Relatives for Used Maternity Clothes

Some people might not like the idea of hand-me-down clothes at the age of 26, but this is actually a very common and cost-effective way of getting maternity clothing. If you have any friends, relatives or neighbors who recently gave birth, it’s worth your while to call them and inquire about what they did with their old maternity clothes. More then likely, they bought them and only wore them for a six to seven month period of time before placing them in their closet and forgetting about them. They would probably be more then happy to see someone get some use out of them, rather then them collecting dust. Keep in mind what your body and shape is in relation to the person you are asking. If your friend Louisa was 40 pounds heavier then you pre-pregnancy, chances are her maternity clothes will be far too large for you to fit in.

Just be careful how long ago your friend or relative was pregnant and where in the house they have been storing them. You don’t want to be wearing a maternity dress from 1993 that smells like a musty attic.

Check eBay for used or discounted maternity clothes

For those who are still not familiar with eBay, this option may prove to be exhausting and difficult at first, but eBay can be a great way of finding cheap, slightly used maternity clothing if you don’t have any friends or relatives that you can borrow from. Simply by typing the words “maternity clothes” in the search box, you will find a seemingly unlimited amount of clothing options at more then reasonable prices. You can find maternity clothes ranging anywhere from brand name, never before worn maternity jeans, to complete sets of maternity outfits at next to nothing prices. A good tip to keep in mind for new eBay shoppers is to not only look at the bidding price when deciding to purchase an item. Although you might find a pair of maternity jeans that are $20.00 cheaper then anywhere else you’ve seen, depending on where the seller is located, the shipping and handling costs may push the price of your garment up by almost $30.00.

Shop Online Instead of in Stores

This can not only save you money, but can save you a major headache from having to drive from store to store looking for an outfit that suites your taste, while carrying an extra 10 pounds around your waist.

There is a financial advantage to shopping online for maternity clothes as oppose to shopping in stores, since prices are cheaper then what you would pay in person since you buy directly from a manufacturer. You can also view the various sales and promotions that each online retailer is running right from the comfort of your own home. If you see a particular maternity dress that you like, you can easily search other stores to see if they are running a cheaper sale on that same item. Most online stores will also offer you discounts on clothing if you purchase more then $50.00 – $100.00 in merchandise, or offer free shipping.

Although purchasing products online is still foreign to some people, and may make them uneasy to give away their credit card number over the internet, most online stores now have very secure payment processing methods and doing business online has become a fairly common practice.

However you decide to deal with your wardrobe issues as your body expands, they key thing to remember is that comfort is king. During these nine months, your body will be going through a lot of uncomfortable changes, and wearing clothes that feel good can go a long way in getting you through your pregnancy.

If you’re in the market for ways to save money during your pregnancy, then you will likely be interested in not just saving money, but maybe making some too! Have you ever considered entering a few photo contests or sweepstakes for baby products or even cash prizes? One of the best out there is the infamous Cute Kid Contest. Apply Here for The Cute Kid Photo Contest!

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