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Discount Baby ProductsCheap Baby Gifts. Everybody wants to come up with something original and super fantastic for the baby shower or the baby’s first gift.   Perhaps it’s baby’s first birthday and you want to give them something unique and memorable, but you don’t want to spend a fortune. Cheap baby gift ideas are not hard to come by. And we’ve done the leg work to find some great bargains out there! We’ve scouted a few great buys, online sale racks, and virtual clearance tables to help you with ideas for your special new baby.  Below is a selection of cheap baby gifts to choose from, as suggested by fellow frugal moms, dads, and friends of babies.

No matter what type of gift you choose, or what you have in mind, remember the important thing is to make your “cheap” gift special and personal.  Nobody is ever impressed to get a gift that is obviously cheap and thoughtless.  Yet, it is perfectly o.k. and quite appreciated to get a thoughtful gift no matter what the cost, even if it was free!   Don’t make the mistake of giving a cheap gift you didn’t put any thought into and just picked up on a whim at the corner Walgreens…  bad dog!  There are plenty of “cheap” baby gift ideas out there to keep giving and letting them know that you care.  Take a moment to consider what the baby’s parents and family are really like.  For example, if the baby’s family is into the great outdoors, maybe consider a fun outdoor baby carrier or a baby shade tent to protect from the sun.  Your special consideration for the gift will definitely be appreciated and once you have a clear idea of what type of gift you want, then you can search for the deals and zone in on the online clearance spots.  Consider some things that might be a good fit and then search for your bargains.  Don’t get sucked into the cost so much as the gift idea itself.  You can still put some thought into your gift and be cheap at the same time.  A terrific cheap baby gift can cost $20 or nothing at all. Some of the best gifts we can receive are probably free anyway.

Consider some of these freebie gifts that you can create yourself.  If you have kids yourself that are old enough to do arts and crafts, consider having them create something for the new baby in your life.  This is especially thoughtful and shows that you value the family’s connection together.  You can buy cheap supplies online or any local hobby store to make a clay dish.  Clay dishes are quite simple to make and you can even design them with a nail hole to hang on the wall and paint it with fun colors or the baby’s name.  You can also buy an inexpensive recycled cardboard gift box to paint and decorate for a memorable gift box for baby’s keepsakes and photos.  You can find these online or at any hobby store as well.  Another great “cheap” gift idea is to buy a $2 picture frame and decorate it with the baby’s name.  An extra touch would be to create matching photo frames for any other kids in the family too.  For about $2 each, you can get creative and include more than just the new baby in the family.  However you chose to go with your cheap baby gift idea, just be sure to take your time and make it count.  It’s certainly not the price that counts.

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