Frugal Trading – Swap Baby DVDs!

Frugal Trading – Swap Baby DVDs! – Why Buy New Baby DVDs When You Can Swap Them! A new site out there called is introducing online DVD buyers to a new concept.  Why not do something with those old DVDs that you’ve been hanging onto.  If you’re not watching them, why not swap them?  Lots of people have been doing this for a while.  Check out Swap A DVD to find great deals on Baby DVDs like Baby Einstein, Meet the Orchestra or Neighborhood Animals.  The concept is pretty simple.  You sign up, upload what you have to offer (sometimes is about 10 DVDs), and then you search what you want to get in exchange.  You can easily categorize your search.  The site is actually quite savvy and easy to use.  Check out the Baby DVDs that you can pick up for cheap or maybe even free.  When you go to the site, you can learn more about how exactly the swapping works by clicking on “How to Swap DVDs?”

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