The Nanny's Pay Rate

The Nanny’s Pay Rate.

If you consider hiring a nanny and you are actually new to the nanny world, then it’s not always easy to figure out the standard nanny pay rates, responsibilities and hours. The nanny salary can be affected by different parameters – the nanny’s age and experience, references, responsibilities, number of children, your location and specific working days. If you don’t know how to set nannies salary then read on for the latest tips and advices.

What need to be considered?

An average workweek of a full-time nanny is between 50-60 hours. When trying to determine your nanny pay rate you need to consider several important factors:

(1) Experience – how long does your nanny is working as a private childcare provider and how much experience does she have. Some nannies could perfectly fit your nanny profile however can be too expensive for you. When looking for a family helper you should find the right balance between experience and salary.

(2) References – by calling references you will be able to find out how professional your nanny is and maybe learn something about her previews fee.

(3) Responsibilities – there are many different types of nannies profile – live-in, live-out, full-time, part-time – each one can have different tasks to fulfill. As a rule of thumb – the more duties she has the more she need to be paid.

(4) Location – the nanny pay rates are usually higher is urban areas. If you live for example in the city center, a caregiver expects to get paid more.

(5) Working days – nannies who also work in weekends, on top of the regular working days in the middle of the week, should get paid more. When hiring a person to help you take care of your kids you may consider hiring two caregivers – one for the middle of the week and one for the weekends (if it’s affordable of course). That’s how you can let them rest and come back full of energy.

So, how much to pay?

Nannies salary may vary from different reasons – number of children’s, experience, full-time or part-time, age, responsibilities and more. A minimum salary for a nanny should be around $450 gross per week. This could go higher to about $850 or over $1000/per week for a more experienced and professional nanny caring for two or more children.

Learning how to set your nanny pay rate is easier then you think. You can start by asking other parents from your area how much they pay. Asking other parents what the nanny going rate is can give you a pretty good idea what should be the right range. One of the most recommended ways to figure out the right nanny rate in your area is to search for and find this information over the Web. For example – if you live in Los-Angeles, use your favorite search engine and type “nannies rates in Los-Angeles” and examine the results.

How much to pay a nanny?

The The nannies salary is always an issue when hiring a nanny. On one hand you would like to hire a good childcare provider that need to take upon him self important responsibilities and on the other hand your budget is limited. Before thinking of finding a nanny you need to know first how much you can afford to pay your nanny.

Nanny salaries may vary from different reasons – experience, age, hours, responsibilities, number of children’s and more. A minimum live-in nanny salary should be in a range of 300$-400$ gross per week. This could go higher to a range of 700$-900$ for a more experienced nanny.

Taxing Issue

During your nanny searching and interviewing process you need to understand in advanced in which terms you need to discuss the salary issue. Gross wage is before tax deduction and net wage is the actual payment to give your nanny. You should clearly define if you are withholding income taxes or you are not. Don’t forget that Social Security and Medicare taxes are under your own responsibility.

Other Nanny payments

These days’ nannies are asking other payments and compensation to be paid by the person who is hiring them. These payments may include the following:

(1) Mobile phone expenses – does her mobile is using her as part of her job?

(2) Health insurance.

(3) PTO – paid time off.

(4) Other extras like child related course.

Bottom line is that it’s up to the families and the nannies to decide what can be added to the the nannies salary. Before you take any decision try to collect some relevant information in this matter by asking your family and friends, consulting a nanny agency or just searching the web.

Special bonuses and adjustments

It is well known that nannies like any other employee in any other job need sometime incentives for keeping them on the right track and work momentum. One option is to define a half year or yearly bonus for a job well done. Set in advance the time for a review meeting between you and your nanny in order to provide her your feedback. If you are happy with your nanny a bonus can help increase her motivation.

Another option for families is to change and adjust the nanny’s payment. Families can set a clear schedule in which they can discuss with their nannies an increase in the the nannies salary. This could also help keep the good momentum on the right track.

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