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Cheap Parenting means working as a Team.

Discount Baby ProductsCheap Parenting means working as a Team. Whether you like it or not, parenting is a team sport.  Whether you’re married or not, whether you’re co-parenting from the same house, or not, the facts are it took two to make your baby.  If you are fortunate enough to be parenting with a partner (whether it’s the baby’s biological parent or not – those are the facts these days) ..then you are likely dealing with not just your own perspectives on parenting, but theirs as well.   Keep in mind that when it comes to living inexpensively and saving money on your baby needs, including things like food, clothing, baby furniture, toys, and even medical and dental costs, all of this has to be considered as a group effort.

One major way to sabotage your “frugal efforts” is to have one parent soley focussed on saving money and buying cheap, and have the other parent wanting to do the opposite.  If you find yourself on opposite sides of the spectrum, keep in mind that there is always a middle road.  I’m sure you’ve compromised on plenty of other topics before and this one should be no different.  When it comes to deciding on either spending $59 or $299 on the baby’s car seat, keep in mind that it’s not about the price that matters.  You can in fact get great quality items that are just as safe for your baby as the more expensive products on the shelf.  Some might think that it must be safer if it’s more expensive.  Think about this.  ..If it wasn’t a safe product, would it be on the store’s shelf in the first place?   Don’t let your wallet be your decision maker when it comes to making your baby purchases.   And on the same note, don’t let your parenting partner over spend if you truly feel its not necessary.  Baby items and the sales of baby products are a billion dollar a year industry.  So many parents spend far more than what they really need to.  Whether you’re a single parent, happily making it on your own or working with your partner, raising a baby on the cheap can be an easy and fun thing to do.  You simply need to work together as a team to feel that support and that you’re both on the same page when it comes to saving money for a dual purpose.

If you do have a partner and you’re having trouble with them understanding your desire to stay frugal, consider sharing reasons why you want to save money.  It may be helpful to share with them that maybe you want to set more money aside for college or fun family vacations rather than over spend on every hot new baby item out there.  By sharing reasons why, it may help a “spendy” parent realize that the money you make together, you share together and in all reality, should both have a say in how that money is spent.  Just keep in mind that raising a baby on the cheap has to be a team effort from everybody.  ..Let the grandparents spoil ‘em.  That’s their job!

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