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Coupons for Baby Formula

Coupons for Baby Formula

Baby Formula Coupons

Coupons for Baby Formula. All new and expectant mothers are certainly aware that babies are wonderful and fun little bundles of joy. These little angels also cost a great deal of money when it comes to purchasing baby food, baby formulas, and baby diapers. The cost of all of these products is going up almost daily it seems. You want your baby to have what it needs and you do not want to sacrifice quality for quantity. The question is how to buy your baby products like diapers and formula, and still stay on a reasonable budget? Luckily, there are ways to do this and you can start saving money today on your next purchase of baby food, formula, or diapers.

Saving on Baby Diapers can be simple. One of the biggest daily costs for your baby will come about through the purchase of baby diapers. Many parents choose to use disposable diapers for their little ones because of the convenience involved. Eco conscious parents who wish to be green in their daily activities will choose reusable cloth diapers for their babies. Either choice will mean that there is a substantial outlay of cash because both diapers and diaper cleaning services will cost money. Even if you use cloth diapers and wash them at home, you will still be spending money for the diapers and the products with which you clean them. By using coupons that give you refunds and rebates or money off the purchase, you can see those costs drop. In some cases, you will get coupons that let you pick out cloth or disposable diapers absolutely free, and that is a savings that everyone appreciates. Whenever you can find a sale on the diapers that you like and you can whip out some coupons to use you will easily double your savings. Always be on the lookout for the stores that offer double and triple off coupons on certain days and buy your diaper purchases in bulk then… and use those coupons. You can even write to the company that produces your diapers. Address your letter to customer relations and let them know that you use their product. Tell them truthfully if you were pleased or not with their company product and tell them why. In either case, they will be happy to send you some coupons or even issue you a refund. They are always glad to hear good feedback from happy consumers.

Saving on baby formula. Babies eat and they eat a lot. These little guys and girls are hungry and if you are not breast feeding you will soon be putting a lot of money into baby formula to keep them satisfied. New mothers can tell you how expensive baby formula is. Powdered formula is your cheapest bet when you are making the purchase. You can use the powder to make lots of bottles of formula on an as needed basis. Coupon clipping can help you rake in some great savings on the baby formula that you use. All of the manufacturers have coupons available if you know where to find them. You can start with your pediatrician. He will usually be able to provide you with free samples and some coupons for either free cans of baby formula or for money off of your purchases. These baby product coupons are provided by the formula companies who hope to turn you and your baby into loyal and faithful baby formula customers. You can also find some great coupons in your weekend newspapers and in the grocery stores. If you don’t see the coupons in the baby product aisle, ask the manager….don’t be shy. Managers usually have the coupons, but sometimes forget or neglect to post them. If you see a vendor stocking the baby formula, you can ask them for coupons too. They will gladly give you some. The vendor is totally different from the store stock boy. Also check to see when the store is scheduled for a sale on the formula and try to make your purchases then. Baby books and magazines are wonderful sources for coupons on baby formula and many other baby needs, such as baby food, diapers, and snacks.

Join a Forum. Make a difference in how you view and use coupons by signing up to join a forum. These forums are composed of new and expectant moms just like you. They are eager to share coupons and tell others where to find the best savings. You can find online sites to go to and sign up for coupons that you can download or get through the mail. You will be able to use any of the coupons at your favorite stores. Many of the forum participants have years of couponing experience and they can share their favorite cost cutting tips and ideas with you and send your savings even higher. If you have been wary of using coupons or just are not sure how to maximize these money savers, there are always people in the forum who will be online to help you learn the tricks of the trade. You will find out where to go for the best coupons and how to get refunds or rebates through the mail. If you want to join a baby coupon forum, it is easy, fun, and quick to do. It will cost you nothing but the time it takes to sign up and you can have some money saving coupons in your hand in just a few minutes. You will also be making friends with other moms and sharing your own tips and ideas along the way. You can read articles by others who have saved huge amounts of real dollars at the grocery store. When you begin pulling in your own refunds, rebates and dollar savings, you may want to post an article or two yourself.

Have fun while you save. Forums are great ways to share ideas about babies and how moms are saving money. These are two things that are dear to all new moms throughout the country. It is always fun to share with others. And what better tips to share than proven ways that can save you lots of dollars and help you care for your little angels? Join a coupon forum today and you will instantly save on your very next purchases for baby.

Similac Formula Coupons. One of the most popular methods to save money on baby formula is by using coupons, which can save you anywhere from a few cents up to to $5.00 or more. Most retailers accept these coupons and just deduct the coupon from the retail price of the product. The trick to coupons is to make sure that you have a coupon when you need it. There are a couple of ways to get formula coupons and make sure you have them on hand. You can get the coupons you want and have them on hand anytime you need them. Have a special place in your car to keep your coupons. Try to make a habit of asking yourself “do I have any coupons for this trip,” before you even walk in the store.

Second, you can sign up to get formula coupons, including free sample diapers and free formula coupons. Registering for free coupons is a great idea, but you will get a mix of coupons and discounts on a designated schedule. In other words, you may get formula coupons for Similac, but you’re also going to get it for other formula manufacturers. Plus, you don’t control when you get the coupons. Regardless, free is free, so register and use what you can.

Third, some companies have coupons online that you can print out. It is a wide range of products, including infant formula, baby food, and groceries. It’s free to get these coupons. Formula coupons may not always be available, but there is usually a lot of coupons and you can use something and save money. The two coupon websites that I really like and have a good mix of stuff you really use are:

CouponBar -Download our FREE CouponBar to get quick and easy access to dozens of name brand coupons!

CoolSavings -Print REAL coupons from your computer at CoolSavings! Just click here!

Finding Infant Formula Coupons. With all the other things you have to do as a new parent, hunting for coupons can sound like a waste of time. But you can reap considerable savings with just a few clicks of the mouse; do the more time consuming tips when you get settled into a routine with the new baby.

Formula Clubs. One of the fastest and easiest ways to get coupons is to sign up for a formula club. These clubs are free, provided you fill in all of your information and maybe answer a few quick questions. In return, you will get email newsletters that often have coupons right in the email itself or links that take you to a special deal. Clubs may also send sample/coupon packets through the postal mail after your baby is born.

Enfamil, Similac and Nestle Good Start all have formula clubs.

Coupon Swaps. Joining a moms club provides you with plenty of other women who will need coupons or be receiving coupons they no longer need. Have a “coupon swap” once a month where you exchange unwanted coupons for ones you will use. You can limit it to formula or include other baby care items, too. These get-togethers typically turn into coupon giveaways rather than swaps.

Members of clubs like and, may also find they can swap coupons within their groups.

Coupon Blogs and Websites. A number of websites and bloggers are dedicated to finding the best deals for you and your new baby. They often provide links to printable coupons, information about coupons in printed circulars or provide coupon codes for purchasing formula online. Not to mention, finding out about special sales and other deals makes it worth your while to visit.

Check the parenting, kids/baby or family section of general money saving sites for formula coupons. You can also follow blogs and sites that cater specifically to moms and babies, like Baby Cheapskate and Freebies4Mom.

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Printable Baby Coupons

Printable Baby Coupons

Printable Baby Coupons

Printable Baby Coupons

Printable Baby Coupons. If you’re looking for ways to save with your baby expenses, then baby coupons are definitely a way to go. Especially if you’re looking for those pricey baby items like diapers and baby formula. Manufacturers know that you have a choice and their competition for similar products are big. Let the product makers compete for your business and use those free samples and promo codes. They create these promos and coupons for a reason… they want you to use them.

One of the best sites out there for “printable” baby coupons is You can also visit more baby specific coupons sites like These sites are sometimes mixed with good,
Legitament coupons, but some have ads and marketing “processes” that you have to complete in order to get your savings. Sometimes this can add up to a lot of your time, so it just depends how much time you want to put into your new budgeting techniques.

See Below for a list of useful links. The nice thing about sites like these is they have easy searching capability. You can search by category or you can search by brand. For example, “” or “”

Baby coupons can be really helpful to anyone raising a baby or adding to their family. Babies require simple things like love, attention, devotion and a whole array of baby products! Of course as the saying goes, love is free, but the baby products will cost you! Baby product coupons can lessen the expense of purchases you need to make for all of the basic baby products your child needs and more.

You may not even need to “print” your coupons! Have you heard of E-Coupons yet? Now, most stores allow you to download them to your mobile phone, which is basically a text message with a promo code. You simply give this at check out either online or in store and you have instant savings. has a pretty good coupon page too. They have a snazzy tool that shows the “deal of the day” which has about 15 new limited deals … for the day.

Links for Baby Product Coupons:

Baby Food Coupons, Grocery Coupons, Baby Formula, Diapers, Clothes, Photos, Hair Cuts, Shoes, ect.

A&D Ointment  For diaper rash free baby coupons to print – Printable Baby Coupons

Anbesol  Free printable baby coupons for $1 off Anbesol – Printable Baby Coupons
BabytoBee  Free baby coupons, samples, and freebies for mothers and fathers to be.
- Printable Baby Coupons
CoolSavings  Sign up for Free Printable Coupons, Free Baby coupons, Free Stuff, Rebates
and More!  Printable Baby Coupons

Desitin printable baby coupons  Free printable coupons for $1 off Desitin  Printable Baby

Dimatapp  Free printable coupons for $1 off Dimatapp  Printable Baby Coupons

Eversave  Printable Baby Coupons – Free Local store printable coupons, grocery coupons,
baby coupons, free samples and more.

First Response  Pregnancy Test coupons

Free Printable coupons  For Febreeze, Dryel, Ivory Snow, etc – Printable Baby Coupons

Free to Print new SmartSource grocery coupons each week  View over 80 printable
coupons including printable baby coupons

General Mills  Free Coupon Book – Printable Baby Coupons

Gerber  Printable Free Baby Coupons. Gerber coupons.

Huggies  Pull-Ups free baby coupons. Printable free baby coupons for $2 off Huggies
Pull-Ups. – Printable Baby Coupons

Johnson’s Free Baby coupons  Free printable baby coupons for Johnson’s products -
Printable Baby Coupons

Luvs Diapers coupon  Luvs coupons – Printable Baby Coupons
New Grocery Coupons and Printable Baby Coupons to Print Each Week It’s Free to Print
over 70 coupons click here to see all

Nursery Brand Water  Free printable baby coupons for Nursery Brand

Payless Shoesource  Printable coupons (yes, they have teeny, tiny, baby shoes too)

Pillsbury Free coupons  Printable Baby Coupons

Reebok  Free printable coupons for Reebok – Printable Baby Coupons

Refundle Bundle Refunding Magazine  Free Coupon Book – Printable Baby Coupons

Remedy of Life  Several samples and offers – Printable Baby Coupons

Sears Portrait Studio  Free Printable Coupons for Sears Portrait Studio  – Printable Baby

Snuggle Printable Snuggle coupons – Printable Baby Coupons

Target Free printable  Toy coupons from Target – Printable Baby Coupons

Vitalert Energizing Vitamins  Free printable coupons – Printable Baby Coupons

If you’re in the market for discount baby products and items, then you will likely be interested in not just saving money, but maybe making some too!  Have you ever considered entering a few photo contests or sweepstakes for baby products or even cash prizes?  One of the best out there is the infamous Cute Kid Contest.  Apply Here for The Cute Kid Photo Contest!

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Baby Coupons

Baby Coupons are something every mom and dad are constantly hunting for. Let this site be a resource for finding the best baby coupon deals on the net! One favorite idea is going online. Manufacturer’s and company websites in particular offer the good stuff.  Why not head straight to the source!  Are you looking for discounts and  baby coupons on things like baby formula, baby gear, shoes, strollers, baby carriers, toys on clearance, groceries, clothing, free baby portraits, Disney movies, Disney cruises, or dental care?  Then this site can help you.  *See also: “Baby Food Coupons” on this site.

It’s easy to find these sites too.  Read below and see some popular responses for baby coupons online.  If you use a certain product continuously, why not go to their site and see if they have any samples or special offers.  Some of the larger companies also offer scholarship funds for certain contests.  For example,

One of the best ways to compliment your baby coupons is the occasional cute baby photo contest or sweepstakes.  For example, there’s, which offers great grand prizes of $25,000 for the cutest baby/kid photo (you can pretend your check is one giant coupon!)  And hosts a monthly sweepstakes.  Currently, you can enter to win Free Diapers For A Year! How great would that be?

Some of the better coupon sites out there are,,,,, and  They offer great baby coupons from makers like Pillsbury, General Mills, Kraft, Betty Crocker and more!  Coupons include General Mills cereal, Kraft cheese, Kraft kid snacks, Dannon, Ritz, Triscuit, Velveeta, Crystal Light, Johnson and Johnson, Burts Bees, Earth’s Best, Gerber, Enfamil and more!
One of the best baby coupon clipping sights out there might be

Also be sure to check the Sales pages at your favorite online retailer.  Places like Weekly Ads Page,, Clearance Page, Clearance Page,,,, and is currently offering a beautiful Organic Tree Duvet Cover for $14.99 and plush suede baby boots for $8.99.  They also have other baby/kids decor on clearance too.  This is a place to pick up some great pieces for the babies room and save some money on the way.  There’s no reason why you can’t shop the online clearance isles of the trendier companies as well.  So when you’re looking for baby coupons, don’t forget the main goal is to save money, no matter how you do it.  If you can find baby items, baby furniture, and baby gear for 75% off retail, then you’re doing good!

Raising a baby can be expensive, but, with a little online savvy and some help from your friends, you can save bundles and even find some free baby stuff. Here’s how to save money on baby and find the best baby freebies on the web.

Baby Freebies Online. Just as having a baby can be an expensive proposition for you, it can be a profitable one for retailers and manufacturers. Many companies will give away things to expectant and new moms in the hopes of earning your business for a long time to come.   Here’s how to get free products, samples and coupons from the most trusted baby brands. You can typically find free samples and discount coupons by navigating your browser directly to a manufacturer’s website. To find these websites, do an online search for your favorite brands of formula, diapers, and baby foods.

You can also often get free trial subscriptions to leading parenting magazines. At the time of this writing, you can get a free 6-month subscription to American Baby magazine and a free 12-month subscription to Baby Talk magazine directly at the publications’ websites.

A word of caution about signing up for baby freebies, newsletters, and sweepstakes. Make sure you read the fine print, as well as a site’s privacy policy before you enter your name and email address on the company’s registration form. Each time you are signing up for something, you are probably being put on a mailing list. You may want to have a secondary email address that you use only on registration pages and, if the page asks you if you would like additional mailings from partners, opt out.

It’s a good idea, too, to check the URL of the freebie’s registration page before you fill it out, to make sure you are on the website of the manufacturer or publisher. Third party sites, especially sites devoted to providing freebies, may be in the business of collecting and selling your personal information.

Savings on Diapers and Formula. These are two items you will probably spend the most money on before your baby becomes a toddler. Breastfeeding is, of course, the cheapest way around buying infant formula, but it’s just not an option for everyone. Here are the best ways we have found to save.

Search Online. See if you can find products cheaper online. Do a search on for bulk groceries or formula. This site, run by Google, allows you to comparison shop across lots of different sites with just one search. And check prices at Amazon Grocery, too, which will ship these products to you, just like any other Amazon purchase. Shipping is often free for orders of $25 or more.

Join the Club. Ask at the customer service desk of your local grocery store to see if they have any kind of Baby Savings Club. Some of the leading grocer chains offer additional savings for these types of purchases.

Discount Baby Furniture and Gear. When it comes to baby furniture and baby gear, you can save a lot simply by knowing where to look.

Let Your Friends Know What You Need. The best way to get free baby stuff is to ask your friends and family for anything they might be hanging onto that they don’t need anymore. Even your friends whose kids are a bit older may still have some items in the attic.

Have a Baby Shower. You’ve probably bought several baby gifts for your friends and family by now, and now it’s your turn!  This is your big “pay back” moment.  Baby showers are a great way to get exactly what you need for the new baby. Even better, your guests can share more ways on how you might be able to save money on baby items in your particular area.

Join Moms Groups.
Join parenting groups both in your local area and online. These are fantastic resources for free information and a daily or weekly dose of sanity. Plus, once you get to know other moms in your area, you can swap secondhand baby clothes.

Join a Freecycling Network. allows you to give away things you don’t need while taking things you do. Do a Google search to find a Freecycle Network in your area, or visit and browse the groups or enter your town into the search box. Once you find a local freecycling group, you can usually post your own needs and you find a lot of good things, completely free.

Shop for used items. Local consignment stores, thrift stores, and garage sales are a great place to find gently used baby furniture or gear. Check the newspaper for this weekend’s garage sales or monitor an online garage sale announcement service. Go to Yahoo Groups and enter your city and “Garage Sale.”

A note about buying baby items secondhand: If you buy used toys or baby gear, make sure they still have safety labels attached. Also, it’s a good idea to always buy a new car seat for your child. You don’t want to take a risk by getting a secondhand car seat that may have been in an accident.

Simplify. The most important thing for our family when our kids were small was to consider carefully what it was we really needed.  Think about it.  When we were excited about having our first child, we felt like we wanted one of everything. But we found that some gear was not necessary at all, and some of it just got in the way.

The simple approach is sometimes the best, so take a little time with each buying decision.  Do you really need it?  If there is a piece of furniture or a baby item that you feel you really need, see if you can get it gently used. It’s better on the pocketbook and the environment.

It’s also tempting to invest in things the baby will need when he or she has grown older. You can save money by waiting until your baby actually needs a bigger, better stroller, for example, to see both what you can afford and what kind of features are truly the most important to you at the time. It helps me to look at it this way: When you save money by not buying things you really don’t need, you’ll have more money to put aside for your child’s future or those important things you DO need.

With babies, as with life, the simple approach is often the best.  It’s o.k. to live a life filled with less.  By being less of a consumer overall allows you to not only enjoy the money you’ll be saving, but it also gives you the gift of simplicity.  Your kids don’t need that 2nd Gameboy and that 50th DVD.  They need food, shelter, and love.  Love is free, right?

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Freebie Websites

Freebie Websites

Anyone with a small child already knows how expensive raising a baby can be; this is why someone created a wonderful thing called a baby shower. However, unless you perfect your baby registry and everyone gets you every single thing you asked for, it’s difficult to ensure you get everything you want and need. And even if you did have the perfect shower, the items you received won’t last forever. When you notice your items are dwindling, you get desperate, calling grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, godparents, etc. as the anonymous “baby” asking for more diapers to be shipped to an old, abandoned building – or else. But threatening people is not always necessary. So to avoid having to conjure up a baby voice just to get the expensive items you need, you might want to check out the numerous websites popping up that offer free baby items.

More and more websites are offering lots of free items to willing recipients. Many of these “free sites” used to offer frivolous items like pizza coupons or even sweepstakes entries, but the world of free has evolved and babies were not left behind. Now there are numerous sites available for parents to receive free baby items, usually with some time of registration required. To explore what is available out there, I took a look at some of the more popular sites for free baby items.

Baby to Bee has grown quickly over the years becoming very popular for offering free baby items like coupons, and information on discount baby products, baby cribs, clothes, furniture, toys on clearance and more.

This site also offers tons of articles and advice on becoming a parent, including recognizing the symptoms of teething, foods to eat during pregnancy, and even when Moms can have sex after giving birth (I know … not exact about the child, right?). It also has a $2500 Baby Photo Contest.

Baby to Bee has a few free clubs available to join such as Growing Family, American Baby, and Gerber Life. Growing Family is a free membership where you can receive free coupons, discounts and samples as well as “milestone gifts” for parents. American Baby offers a free 6 month subscription to their magazine. And Gerber Life is a program that offers three months of free life insurance and a free Gerber newsletter after a registration process. Offers are updated often so it would be a good idea to check the site frequently to keep up with current information.

Baby to Bee states on its site that it currently reaches one-third of the 3 million pregnant women out there and within the next year, they intend to reach up to 50% of expecting parents – quite a goal! But as they grow in popularity, and continue to serve the masses with quality information, they just may attain that goal.

Free Mania was a website created by a 14-year-old in 1996. Over a decade later the site has exploded and is one of the most popular “free sites” on the Internet – much it its success due to the offering of free baby items.

The site currently offers free baby and grocery coupons for everything from baby formula and food, to diapers and clothes. They have free coupons for Target, Chuck E Cheese, Baskin Robbins and even a free Denny’s Kids Meal. They also offer coupons for Similac and Gerber along with free samples of Bright Beginnings Formula. You can receive free recipes, potty training kits, diaper rash cream, and even a free 12-month subscription to Parents Magazine. And if you and your baby like to travel in style, you can receive coupons for Kate Spade, Babies’R’Us, Gap Maternity and more!

One thing that’s different from this site is that the majority of their free baby items are offered without the obligation to fulfill offers from sponsors. You simply click on the link that will take you to the item of choice. If it is available, you can have it – no questions asked. Nice, right?

I actually heard about this website for free baby items on my local radio station, which prompted me to check their site for more information. On the radio, they talked about all of the free things you can receive just by stopping by their website, so I had to know more. When I reached the site, I was greeted by pictures of precious babies, diapers, cribs, and formula. But once I got a good look at the site, I realized that it offers significantly less than the other the previous two sites I mentioned (not that anything free isn’t good, mind you!). The items they offer at this point are: Ultimate Pampers Package, Ultimate Huggies Package, Enfamil, Similac, the Storkcraft 3-in-1 Crib, and the Graco Family Tree Package.

I was interested in learning more about how to receive one of the items so I strolled down further only to be greeted by the terms and conditions. I discovered that in order to receive any of the free baby items, a person must register, complete a user survey then complete “at least 2 Silver, 2 Gold and 4 Platinum offers.” Now I’m not a big fan of “completing offers” because it usually means I have to whip out my credit card then mark the calendar to remember to cancel what I never wanted in the first place. Not to mention the difficulty with dealing with customer service reps who want to keep giving you “3 free months.” But that’s a totally different article.

Aside from having to sign up for offers, it seems to be a good site. It doesn’t offer any additional advice or information, but being able to receive one of the items I’ve mentioned able is certainly a plus – and one more thing than you had before visiting the site!

No matter where you choose to go to find your free baby items, the fact remains – they’re free! So when you have some time, check out these free sites along with the dozens of other sites out there that might be of assistance to you. You can even benefit from them without having your own child (can we say free baby items for a shower or two?). But you didn’t hear that from me!

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Baby Formula Coupons

Baby Formula Coupons are not hard to find. Consider going straight to the source.  We recommend the simple route.  Going online is the quickest way to see what’s out there and also go directly to the websites of the makers of the products that your baby uses the most.  We all know that baby formula is one of the most expensive items that you constantly have to buy.  One trick that moms use to get discounts on their baby food is to sign up at coupon clipping websites.  Let them notify you by email everytime a new weekly coupon ad comes out.  Companies are getting pretty savvy with their digital coupon clipping.  One grocery site out their actually has e-services and electronic coupon clipping.  So the next time you use your personal Club Card at the check out stand, your coupons will be awarded automatically and show you instant savings.  Genius!

Consider goint to the maker’s company website.  Typically, if they have a new special offer or promo code, they want people to know about it.  They’re going to post it on their homepage and ask you to sign up for coupons and discount.  Do it.  Create a “coupon email account” specifically for signing up for these offers via email.  It’s a smart way to get the info and offers you want and still keep your privacy.  Basically, if you want to sign up for free coupons and free offers, they want to know who they’re sending that stuff to.  It’s all one giant sales effort to get you to continue to use their products.  Fair enough, I think.

Baby Formula Coupons and Resources:

A Post From a Big Fan of Baby Formula Coupons –

I’m not even a parent and I know how expensive baby food can get raising a child, thanks to my hundred or so cousins! But there is no skimming on these important items and formula products, they are absolute needs for the baby/child, especially if the child is not breastfeeding.  However, there is a way that you can slim down on the prices of these products, and by that I mean finding lower prices and discounts. Finding a lower price doesn’t necessarily mean the product or item, in this case baby formula, is going to be of a lesser quality, its simply means that the manufacture decided to give coupons or discounts out. And don’t worry, these are still brands you trust most, they aren’t some wacky brand you never heard of looking to push their formula. These are brands you trust like Similac, Enfamil, Nestle.

Fortunately for you, finding coupons online is one of the easiest things to get your hands on nowadays with the Internet being a viable source of information! There are a few different things you can do in order to find these discounts online. One main thing is to look online at the place where you buy your baby formula. In most cases they will have an e-sales paper with weekly ads that you can take a look at, and in these papers you will be able to see if your babies formula is on sale or not.  With the more savvy digital coupons, you can download them along with similar product offers.  Number two, you can search directly on the manufacturers site for special offers and coupon codes.

A lot of times if you go to sites like, they will have coupons right on the site that you can go and print out and then take to the store with you or use the code online. Or even better, you can go to sites and sign up for their newsletter, this allows them to send you information and or discounts to their products. I always like this option because it means you don’t have to search around at a whole bunch of places online, you simply sign up, wait, and then they send you coupons right to your email address. In this case, make sure you white list the factories email address so the emails from them don’t end up in your spam box (which does happen on occasion). The next thing you can do is go to sites that are primarily created and used for coupons such as MomsView or FreeStuff4Baby, these sites have tons upon tons of baby coupons and not just for formula, but anything your baby needs!

If you don’t mind searching around a bit, you can find virtually any coupon or discount for anything you want or need online.  You just have to spend some time looking.  It’s a good idea to look for things in specific, detailed words, such as coupons for Enfamil baby formula or coupons for Huggie diapers, but you can also find what you want just as easily, by search for non specifics, such as coupons for baby formula. If you are unspecified, then you will find more sites, and more coupons. But of course, if you only use one brand, then you only use one brand and it’s not a big problem.  - Article Contributed by Kristi Ambrose.  Thank you.

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Baby Food Coupons

Baby food coupons are a great way to cut back on your grocery expenses. Does it drive you nuts to think about how much baby formula and diapers cost?  Now that you may need things like infant formula, baby food, diapers, and teething biscuits, baby food coupons can really help cut the costs. It may take some time and effort but with the internet, baby food coupons are more accessible now than ever!  Bookmark  as your resource guide to a directory of websites for: baby food coupon, baby discount sites, where to find cheap baby stuff, and even contests for baby cash, scholarships, or maybe free diapers for a year!  Explore all the different way to save when it comes to raising your baby and eating well too.

Besides using this site, you may also consider going directly to the source. For example, if you need things like infant formula, take note of who makes these items and look on the packaging to locate their direct website. Don’t be shy to write them down on your next trip to the grocery store. For example:,, or Nature’s Best. Also be sure to check out,,,, and companies like Earth’s Best, Johnson’s Baby, and (click the coupons tabs). Typically, these manufacturer’s websites offer baby food coupons right on their homepage and Special Offers / Coupons spot. Some offer baby food coupons along with opportunities to register for discount alerts and even FREE product offers just by signing up. 

Hit the books for more savings! You will find great savings opportunities in baby and parent magazines.  A lot of times, their ads are filled with coupons and “buy one get one free” deals.  You may also spot a few promo codes in their ads to entice you to use their product for the first time.  Also be sure to actually read the magazine articles.  Typically, baby and parent magazines write articles about this same topic.  Parents want to know how to raise their kids and get their baby needs without breaking the bank!  A free subscription to Baby Talk Magazine is available at the Pregnancy Section of Click on the BabyTalk “Free Subscription” link. The magazine is offering this free subscription to expecting parents. These types of magazines are filled with baby product coupons along with savings opportunities to help you manage your baby budget.

Want more savings? Hit the web!  Sites like, BabyZone Freebies Page, and,, and Contest also offer special offers, family vacation giveaways and baby photo contests that reward their winners with free baby stuff, including baby food products. You just have to be willing to register, send in the requirements, and be patient. They have all sorts of baby food coupons as well as special offers, promotions, and giveaways on various baby products. Sites like are found to be a lot of fun, offering contests for the cutest baby photo. some give away up to $25,000 in prizes!

When it comes to baby coupons,  websites like these can be a great resource.  Bookmark to be your resource directory for coupon sites like these and more to come.  Some of the favorites are,,,,, and And don’t forget, before you head to your local grocery store, check out their own websites for weekly sales and promo items. Your local grocer may be,, or Typically you can register for grocery coupons or a Club card on the grocer’s site. The Club cards are easy to register for and a lot of fun to see the instant savings every time you check out. If you’re serious about finding the deals, take some time, and go see what type of savings are waiting for you!

Have you ever considered Ebay for coupons? Most people haven’t yet. But think about it. Baby coupons are a commodity just like anything else. Especially when you’re talking about $10 vouchers with 12 month expiration dates. Check out and search for baby coupons and formula vouchers.

Coupons, Coupons, Coupons! Check out for their Kids/Baby coupons. Print Grocery Coupons. When you visit these sites, you may want to search for topics like: kids snacks clearance, baby food coupons, baby/infant formula, ect. When you’re ready to have some fun, sign up at the BabyZone – Free Stuff page. Coupons are great, but if you’re a serious parent looking to have some fun and go for the Big PRIZES, you’ll want to participate in a few baby photo contests hosted by,,,, and Prize awards vary depending on the contest. Prizes may range from small dollar amounts, free products, family vacations, and even college scholarships! Enfamil has a baby scholarship fund as well as Similac. All you have to do is go to their sites, sign up, and complete the requirements. How great would it be to kick of your babies 1st college fund with a prize like that!

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