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Wholesale Baby Products

Wholesale baby products are a great way to save if you can get access to them.  About the closest the average parent can get to wholesale baby products is to buy in bulk from a big Club store.  If you have the space to buy in bulk, that’s definitely the way to go for certain items.  Families, especially larger families, have found that they can save $100′s of dollars a year (if not more) by buying in bulk, which can be comparable to buying at whoesale prices.  If you know you’re going to need close to a truckload of diapers, why not buy in bulk and save.  Places like Sam’s Club and Costco are great resources for buying baby products at discount rates, you just have to by a lot of them!   Typically, you can apply for a Club card online, and as long as you have the annual membership fee (about $35/year) then everybody gets approved! You won’t find cheaper diapers or a cheaper way to go for baby formula, and wipes.  Don’t forget the wipes.

If you do have a registered business with an assigned EIN#, then sites like offer wholesale prices on products like baby safety products, baby gates, and baby carriers.,, page), (wholesale baby accessories), and Luna Wholesale Baby Furniture are all great spots to pick up wholesale baby items, including diapers!  Be prepared to supply your business name or Tax ID# to gain wholesale access; and don’t be surprised to see minimum purchase requirements for some wholesale baby companies.  If they do ask for minimum purchases that are more than you expected, don’t panic.  See what their options are and see if you can make it work to your benefit.  Maybe you have friends that need similar products and you can purchase in bulk together.

Here’s another interesting option. is an exciting, yet simple new concept.  There is one item offered each day.  Once it’s sold out, it’s sold out and the next bargain baby item appears the next day.  They offer pretty good deals on baby clothes, care products, and misc baby products.  It’s not technically “wholesale” but the prices are in the same range and the item quality is good.  You don’t have ot check into your computer to see what the days item is, it’s a fully loaded website that allows you to opt in to text messaging / email alerts when the site is updated with the new bargain item.  That’s easy.  Keep your options open and keep exploring to see what kind of wholesale baby product deals are out there for you.

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Save Money On Baby Care Products.

Save Money On Baby Care Products.

Save Money On Baby Care Products

Save Money On Baby Care Products has never been easier. Not only is it convenient to go online and begin your search, but it can be fun too!

Do you have the cutest kid?  Baby contests and sweepstakes are becoming more and more popular now with the online community.  It’s easy and simple to upload a photo for contests like the Cutest Kid contest.  Contests like these are no joke.  They give away up to $250,000 worth of prizes every year, including Free diapers for a year, cash prizes, and a $25,000 college scholarship!  Have you thought about your baby’s 1st college fund yet?  They have.  It might be worth looking into to learn more about how to save and save big on baby care products using contests and sweepstakes like these.  Check out sites like

Stick to the list! One of the best ways to save on baby care products is to know exactly what you need, and then stick to your list when you arrive at the store or go online.  Automatically try to cut back on frivolous baby items that simply are not necessary.  Do you really need a baby bottle cooler/warmer?  Probably not.  Just like any trip to the store, it is easy to go over the top and over your budget.  It’s all too easy to buy every neat little item that appears in your vision, and then convince yourself that you “and the baby” need it.  No, you don’t.  And this is exactly how a typical store run turns into a $200 receipt!  Instead of falling prey to this downfall, you should never head to the store without a comprehensive list in hand, or at least an air tight mental list. If you know that you only need baby wipes and diapers you will not be tempted to look elsewhere.  …not even for baby formula, unless you know you need it, AND you have coupons!

Coupons, and where to get them! Although baby care products are expensive, you can save a lot of money with the right coupons and keeping your eye out for special offers (free stuff!).  You can find baby product coupons in the local paper, store ads, magazines, and especially online.  Keep an eye out for special offers directly from manufacturers by looking into their own company’s websites.  It is not uncommon to come across a great deal for disposable diapers and Pull Ups directly on, for example. Do you use baby products like baby wash, baby powder, or baby ointments?  A perfect example of hunting out the bargains on regularly used baby stuff is registering with Enfamil’s baby formula for free samples and special offers sent to your email.  Companies like these like to win you over by sending special offers like free diaper bags, free bottles, ect, as long as you don’t mind flashing their logo everywhere.

If the deal is good enough, you may want to load up when you have the chance.  Stocking up when something is on sale is always a good idea.  If you don’t always buy in bulk, consider doing so for a few select items that you will use over and over again until your baby matures a little.  Expensive items like baby diapers, wipes, and formula are all things you can get coupons for … and lots of them!   The makers of these items are all competing for your business.

Take some time to visit the manufacture’s websites like,,, Earth’s Best,,,,, ect.  If there’s a specific kind of infant formula that you like, check the product packaging for the company website.  If the maker offers a coupon or special offer (free stuff), chances are pretty good they want to promote it and it’s going to be front page news on their website.  Remeber, big companies like these can’t make profits without loyal customers like you.  And they’re willing to compete for it.  Let them, and have fun saving!

Also see the article on Baby Food Coupons for lots of direct links to Get Baby Food Coupons. and Free Baby Samples.

There is no denying that having a baby is an expensive endeavor.  From the day your baby is born, you will be faced with important financial decisions.  Even though you will not be able to get by without spending any money, there are ways to save.  By knowing what you need, which products are most affordable, and then using coupons and special offers (free stuff), you will definitely be saving on that baby budget!  Just remember, before you buy anything, ask yourself, is this the best deal I can find?  Did I try to find a coupon?  Did I get it less than full retail cost?  Do I really need this product or item?  Those types of questions will keep you aiming in the right direction.  You can train yourself to shop frugal, especially when it comes to baby care products.

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