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Budgeting For Your Baby – Top Tips..

Budgeting For Your Baby – Top Tips.. Everyone knows that organizing and budgeting your family  finances can be stressful and exhausting, but for expectant parents getting control of family finances before the baby is born, is even more important.  There’s definitely a lot to think about.  The cost of a baby can sometimes surprise new parents, so creating a budget beforehand is an ideal way of making sure you are prepared.  This will also help each parent feel in control and like you’ve covered your bases.  Once you have created your budget, you’ll be less stressed about money.  You may find that sticking to it and keeping on top of your family finances is easier than you thought.  You may even end up teaching your kids new positive budgeting habits.

Before it comes to calculator crunch time, take a look at your current financial situation and how you spend your money.  Are you happy with the way you spend your money or are there things that you could work on?  Are both parents on the same page when it comes to money?  Does one parent spend more than the other?  Who keeps track of the money now and is that working or does there need to be a change in command?  There’s nothing wrong to admitting if something isn’t working.  It’ actually quite honorable to let your spouse know if you would rather or rather not be in charge of the finances.  And there’s certainly nothing wrong with admitting that maybe you’re not doing the best job.  Asking for help with the family budget is a good thing.  You want everybody involved.  If someone under your roof is spending money, then you want them at the budget table.

Try keeping a spending diary for a month (if you can’t do a month, try it for a week), write down all purchases, bills and outgoings and refer to bank accounts to check for direct debits and standing orders you may have forgotten about. Be aware that your spending habits will be different while working compared to how you will spend when you go on maternity leave for example.  Most will spend less on maternity leave as you won’t have to pay for commuting travel costs, expensive lunches out, and even the small things like coffee and drinks.

Think your fancy coffees don’t really cost that much.  Here’s a fun fact. The average adult spends approx.

If it is your first child you may be surprised what you will need to buy for your baby. There could be expensive equipment such as cots, highchairs buggies and car seats and then the everyday costs such as nappies, wipes and formula. A great money saving tip is to ask around friends and relatives to see if anyone has any clothes and equipment they’re no longer using. Or look in shops, online or your local NCT sale for second hand equipment and clothes that can be bought for a fraction of the original price.

Once you have thought about the things you will need to buy for your baby and have a good idea of your current monthly spending you need to form your budget. You can create your own or you could use this handy online budget calculator for expectant mums that will do the adding up for you. The budget calculator will break down your finances into sections so you don’t forget to include anything.

Hopefully your new budget will help you keep track of your finances and make sure you have enough money to leave you stress free to enjoy your time with your new baby.

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A Frugal Way to Summer

A frugal way to Summer… Think about all the things you can save money doing…   Summer on a budget is not always the easiest thing to tackle.  All parents want to show their kids a good time and take them on fun road trips.  But not all parents can afford extensive trips, and certainly not when it comes to buying plane tickets for 2, 3, or even 4 kids!  A nice solution and a cheap solution to family quality time is to head to the park and just hang on the swings.  Or dig in the sand if you have a beach or sandpit around.  Remember back before TV and video games?  Families used to spend time together.  Not only was this a more simple way, a better way, but definitely a cheaper way.  If you really want to save money and do something fun for the summer, just relax, go to the pool and chill.  You don’t have to spend a lot to really enjoy your summer as a family.

Riding bikes is a great way to pass the beautiful days of summer.  This is definitely a cheap way to spend the afternoon and get some excersise in along the way.  Kids are more proned to gaining weight these days.  Do your part as a parent and teach your kids early that not only do you not need to spend a lot of money to have a good time, but you don’t have to sit on the couch and do nothing either!   Some kids would through a fit if you took their video games away.  Our new president Obama is encouraging our youth to put down the video games and pick up a bike!  He, along with other parents agree that we could always bring more excersise into our daily routines, not to mention family time. Remember family time?

If you have some frugal ideas about how to spend the summer, please share your comments!

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Top Money Wasters

Top Money Wasters… All those little coffee purchases add up! Ever think about how much money you’re throwing away?  When times start to get tough, people start to cut back on discretionary spending. But rather than deny themselves some of those simple pleasures, they tend to look for cheaper alternatives. Today I’d like you to take a moment and think about how much money you’re dropping on coffee in the course of a work day. If you are spending $5 a day on coffee at work, then that’s $100 a month. Over the course of a year, that’s $1200. For many people, that’s a week on a beach in Aruba.

You can make your own delicious cup of coffee quite cheaply. For example, a can of Hills Brothers medium roast coffee is under $5 at any local grocery store.  You can splurge on the really good stuff if you have a coupon (remember we’re trying to live more frugal).  But Hills Bros. is pretty good for the cost.  Use 18% cream (not 10% coffee cream) and you can have a cup that will be at least as good as the big expensive place on the corner if not better.

What else do you waste money on?  Besides your Cafe-Mocha-Frappa-Whatever coffee, what else do you buy that you really don’t need?  For lots of women out there, it’s beauty care.  To some extent, those trips to the salon and spa are necessary, but admittedly, we can over-indulge and over spend in this area.  Is this a problem area for you as well.  I bring it up because I used to have a friend who had a hard time paying her rent every single month.  When I finally sat down with her to look at her budget and spending habits, we learned that she was prioritizing getting her hair highlighted over paying her rent.  At $300 a pop, my friend had to come to terms that she would have to find another way to treat her hair with fake sun streaks.  Now, I’m not saying the ocassional trip to the salon isn’t o.k. but spend within your means.  If you can’t afford a $300 hair session, then now is just not the time ..and move on.  If it’s come down to you not being able to pay your rent or get your hair done, it’s definitely beyond time to re-prioritize your spending!   I know, to some women, the hair and nails are everything.  Well, consider some alternatives to help you save some money and still look good.  Have a hair party.  Buy some “tint it yourself” packages and do your own hair at home.  You can also save a little here and there by returning to the salon less.  For example, set an appointment every 2-3 months instead of every month.

If you need to get your nails done, instead of spending a fortune for the fake acrylic nails that have to be re-based every 2 weeks, opt in for the more frugal and easy to manage, all natural nails.  There’s nothing wrong with the finger nails you were born with.  Why waste your money on something that you already have.   There are definitely cheaper alternatives when it comes to your manicure.  You can even go a step further and start doing your own nails at home.  Have fun with it.  Invite a few close friends over and have a nail and hair party.  As you learn to create your new family budget as you go, this is a great solution to watching your spending.
Are you a sucker for fast food?  Surveys and market research shows that young adults, and especially men, have a spendy weakness when it comes to splurging on fast food.  When they’re out working or running around, they get hungry, they drive up to Burger King or Taco Bell, and they spend!  The average person spends about $180 per month eating fast food.  And that’s per person.  Market research shows that Americans spend more on fast food each year than books, eduaction, cars, REAL FOOD, video games, and pets – combined! I don’t know about you, but that’s a little motivation for me.  I love Taco Bell, but I’m not willing to give them $200 a month for those burritos.  I’ll hold back and limit myself to those cheesy treats just to save some money.

Think of all the little things that you may be wasting money on.  What’s your weakness?  Do you waste a lot of money on alcohol?  Cigarettes?  Are you a smoker?  If you live in New York City, those cigarettes are now costing you about $8.00 per pack since the new tax hike.  Health officials hail the tax increase as a success. Cigarette taxes will raise a total of $1.3 billion for the state in one year alone.  Are you paying?  How much of your money is going towards habits like these?  How much do you think it’s already cost you and how much more will you spend?

“Isn’t that something — to say that I’m excited about a tax increase? But I am,” said Dr. Richard Daines, the New York health commissioner. “This is a public health victory. We know one of the really effective tools to get people off of their nicotine addiction is to the raise the price.”

Smokers will be paying $2.75 per pack in state taxes, a jump from the previous tax of $1.50. Before the new tax, the average price of a pack of cigarettes was $5.82 statewide, and about $8 a pack in New York City, which levies its own taxes, Daines said. The new retail price for a pack of cigarettes in New York City could now soar past $10. ..Ouch!

What are you wasting your money on?  When it comes to living more frugal, you have to be honest.  You have to be honest with yourself, your family, and your finances.  It doesn’t take much to pull you off your money game.  Don’t let the little things keep you from your full financial potential.

Top Money Wasters:
fancy $5 coffees
fast food
alcoholic drinks
beauty care
dining out
buying retail/brand names
impulse purchases
excessive shopping

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33 Baby Photo Contests!

33 Baby Photo Contests! If you have an eye for what makes a great photo, and you HAVE A KID, then why not give it a shot?  Lots of money and product prizes are available for the taking.  Some baby photo contests require not just a photo, but more information and maybe a short story describing the family or something.  It’s just fun!  Who knows, you may walk away with your baby’s first college fund.  It’s been  known to happen.

If you’re just getting started, I would encourage you to look around.  Get a feel for what opportunities are out there on the web before you dive in completely.  Most photo contests don’t charge an application fee.  If you come across one and it feels like it’s just a faux money maker front, then obviously, don’t do it and move on to the next.  Go for it, and see what kind of baby photo contests you can find.  If you happen to come across one that you think our readers would also like to know about, please feel free to share at:

Top 33 Baby Photo Contests

  1. American Baby Cover Contest See Review here.
  2. Pottery Barn Kids
  3. Baby, you should be in pictures!
  4. BUMP Contest
  5. BabyZone Photo Contest
  6. Tom Arma Baby & Toddler of the Year 2008 Photo Contest
  7. BabyNames Baby Photo Contest
  8. The Great American Photo
  9. My Baby Photography Contest
  10. The Cute Kid See Review here.
  11. Weekly Photo Contest
  12. Baby Photo Contests
  13. Baby Corner’s Free Baby Photo Contest
  14. Our Cute Babies Photo Contest
  15. Competico Sweetest Baby
  16. American Baby Contest
  17. Kids and Bibs Baby Photo Contest
  18. The Twooth Timer Company Contest
  30. Photo Bug Baby Children’s Photo Contest See Review here.
  31. kidz rock! PHOTO CONTEST See Review here.
  32. Babytalk/GMA Cover Contest
  33. Reader’s Digest Christmas Baby Photo Contest

It’s no doubt that this list will continue to grow.  Keep bookmarked for easy return!  If you have an additional link that you would like other readers to know about, Submit Your Link Here.

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Frugal Party Planning – How to Have a Baby Party on a Budget

Planning a baby shower or baby’s 1st birthday? When party planning, especially when a new baby is coming, can be pretty stressful. One might wonder what it is going to cost or how can I ensure that my guests will have a fun time without me spending a fortune! Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune and cutting financial corners does not mean you have to sacrifice the amount of fun your guest can have. As with most favored gifts, those that are most creative and personalized are most likely to be appreciated and reminisced. Break out the creative thinking to seek out ways to entertain your guests. You don’t have to order catering or even a fancy sushi platter to impress anyone.  Instead, take in some advice and get creative!

There are two key aspects that are critical to your baby’s party success. The first step is to set a theme for your baby shower or baby birthday party. It is usually good manners to leave this decision to the closest person to the guest of honor if you are planning this party for someone else. The second step is to ask for help.  Have fun getting your friends and family involved.  People love to feel needed and productive.  Grandmothers especially love to do anything that has to do with their grand kids.  Any subtle invitation will do. Remember, don’t wear yourself thin when it comes to planning any baby party.  Take some of the decisions away from yourself and let someone else participate and help too.  Not only will this relieve some of your stress, but maybe some of your financial responsibility as well.  It o.k. to ask others to pay for small things.  Typically, guests will offer to pick something up, plan on a dish, or help you pick up any last minute items too.

Beginning with the invitations, cater to your party theme by making homemade cards (don’t worry; it will be worth your time!). Within each invitation specify if you would like the guests to participate in preparations by requesting a pot luck or costume requirement. This will take care of some of the financial burden as well as the decorations. What better decorations could exist than the guests themselves?

Entertainment Anyone? You shouldn’t have to rob the bank to afford entertainment either. Keep the games easy and fun.  Nobody wants to be pressured to play any game that might be too demanding or cause you to have to concentrate too much.  Remember, parties are for fun, not competition between kids. Mold the most common activities to your event to make them unique and memorable. The restriction to choosing a game is that the entertainment should sustain interactions between the guest of honor and guests. Naming word games for a baby shower, pin-the-patch on the pirate for a boy’s pirate birthday party, scary-looking food eating contests for Halloween parties and the list could go on and on. Your own personal thoughts of creativity will be your best ally in planning. With a bit of thought and creativity, you can have the best party anyone has ever thrown.

Party favors are also a fun thing to toss in for the kids to remember the event.  Kids just like stuff, period.  If you have a local Dollar Tree store, or maybe a Dollar store, be sure to stop by and see what kind of party hats and favors you can pick up for a buck.  This is definitely the way to go.  You can make your own cards, hats, and even fun projects for the kids to take home.

Keep the kids occupied and you’ll all be happy.  If your party includes kids and young adults, consider letting them do finger painting or some kind of creative artistic project in the back yard.  Designate a spot where the kids can play and even make a mess.  The memories they’ll have will be worth the mess.

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Money Saving Tips For a Family Holiday

Money Saving Tips For a Summer Family Holiday. If you’re planning on taking your family for a holiday this summer you’re probably interested in how you can do that and still save some money. There are all types of options for you, and one of the best ones is to stay closer to home. There are so many rich and beautiful areas that can be explored right in your own country that there’s no need to go to an exotic location this summer.  How much of the United States have you seen?  Have you considered exploring things within 300 miles of your house?  Sometimes there might even be something across town from you that you haven’t been to yet.  Its nice to find family events and shows right in your own neighborhood.  Who knows, you might even have fun!

The fun of a holiday is mostly about being together, anyway, so why not have a ‘staycation’ in your own country? You can be gone longer, see more things, and buy more souvenirs because you didn’t spend hundreds of dollars on a fancy hotel and a lot of airfare.  Not to mention the cost of getting a baby’s passport early.  These things have to be considered if you’re trying to be more frugal with the family budget.

Another thing you can do is go when the summer is just beginning or just ending, because places aren’t as busy then, and some of them will have better rates for things like hotel rooms and car rentals. If it’s not the peak of the tourist season you always have a chance to get something for less especially when you go online.

You don’t have to spend a lot on a hotel room, though, no matter when you go. You can stay in a self-catering cottage instead, or you can even camp. Camping is becoming one of the best ways for families to take great holidays without needing to spend a lot of money. It can be just you and a tent and a campfire, or you can stay in a campground setting that offers running water, an electrical hook-up, and bathrooms, as well as a club house, a pool, and restaurants.  This is not highly recommended if you’re planning a long trip with a new baby.  You have to take steps to be prepared when traveling or camping with a baby.  It’s nice to have the luxuries of home sometimes with a new baby.  There’s nothing wrong with enjoying your own sofa and your own porch for a while.  The new baby is probably entertainment enough.  Enjoy a relaxing and frugal summer.

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The Nanny Pay Rates – Learn How Much to Pay a Nanny!

The Nanny Pay Rates – Learn How Much to Pay a Nanny! If you consider hiring a nanny and you are actually new to the nanny world, then it’s not always easy to figure out the standard nanny pay rates, responsibilities and hours. The nanny salary can be affected by different parameters – the nanny’s age and experience, references, responsibilities, number of children, your location and specific working days. If you don’t know how to set nannies salary then read on for the latest tips and advice.

What needs to be considered?

An average workweek of a full-time nanny is between 50-60 hours. When trying to determine your nanny pay rate you need to consider several important factors:

(1) Experience – how long does your nanny is working as a private childcare provider and how much experience does she have. Some nannies could perfectly fit your nanny profile however can be too expensive for you. When looking for a family helper you should find the right balance between experience and salary.

(2) References – by calling references you will be able to find out how professional your nanny is and maybe learn something about her previews fee.

(3) Responsibilities – there are many different types of nannies profile – live-in, live-out, full-time, part-time – each one can have different tasks to fulfill. As a rule of thumb – the more duties she has the more she need to be paid.

(4) Location – the nanny pay rates are usually higher is urban areas. If you live for example in the city center, a caregiver expects to get paid more.

(5) Working days – nannies who also work in weekends, on top of the regular working days in the middle of the week, should get paid more. When hiring a person to help you take care of your kids you may consider hiring two caregivers – one for the middle of the week and one for the weekends (if it’s affordable of course). That’s how you can let them rest and come back full of energy.

So, how much to pay?

Learning how to set your nanny pay rate is easier than you think. You can start by asking other parents from your area how much they pay. Asking other parents what the nanny going rate is can give you a pretty good idea what should be the right range. One of the most recommended ways to figure out the right nanny rate in your area is to search for and find this information over the Web. For example, if you live in Los-Angeles, use your favorite search engine and type “nannies rates in Los-Angeles” and examine the results.  Sometimes you can also consult with a local nanny service.  They may also provide you with nannies available in your area.

After you have had a chance to do some local research, you may come to the conclusion that hiring a nanny is simply not going to fit within your family budget.  If this is the case, try to find baby day care some other way.  Sometimes, local communities have mommy and nanny babysitting co-ops.  Each member agrees to make themselves available during certain hours to a limited number of kids or babies and in return, someone offers that person babysitting or nanny services for their child.  It’s a give and take honor system most times.  It’s an old-fashioned concept that’s making a big come back.  With the increase of our population and the demand now for both moms and dads to work, people are in need of baby and childcare during their office hours.  Let’s face it, we all need help and whether you’re lucky enough to have parents and grandparents local to help you with the baby, or whether you have to pay for it, we all need a little help.  Get creative when you’re searching for a new babysitter.  Ask your friends for referrals and even contact your local church or school for a responsible teenager that maybe lives in your neighborhood.  Lots of young teen age girls babysit to make some extra money and you can bet that this is going to be your cheapest option.

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Frugal Babysitting – Determining a Fair Babysitter Rate

Frugal Babysitting – Determining a Fair Babysitter Rate.  Have you finally found a good babysitter but have no idea what to pay them and what charges for babysitting are considered fair? You’re not alone, this is a common dilemma for parents. They want to pay a reasonable rate to a babysitter but they also don’t want to pay more than they need to. Luckily there are certain things to consider that should help you determine a fair babysitting rate.

The average babysitting rate these days is typically around $10 per hour but babysitting wages can vary widely anywhere from as little as $5 per hour all the way up to $17 per hour or more! The reason for such a wide range is due to three main factors: location, experience, and number of children being cared for:

Location of Family. Where you live does play a role in what to pay a babysitter. Typically, if you live in a large city like New York where the cost of living is higher, babysitting rates are also higher when compared to smaller cities and rural areas. Babysitting is a job like any else so babysitter rates will be affected by the location you are currently living in.

Experience of Babysitter. How much experience a babysitter has is one of the most important considerations in determining a reasonable babysitting rate. A high school student with little or no experience would normally earn less than an experienced adult. All other factors aside, teenagers are often happy to babysit for $5 per hour whereas an adult with a number of years experience would expect at least $10 per hour. It really all depends on your childcare requirements and what type of babysitter you are comfortable with caring for your children; It’s a personal choice.

Number of Children. This is pretty much a given; the more children you have needing a babysitter, the more work it’s going to be for a babysitter and the more money you should consider paying them. How much extra should you pay for looking after more than a single child? It can vary but usually around $1 or $2 per additional child is most common these days.

Still not sure what to pay a babysitter? Find out all there is to know about babysitting rates or use our popular babysitting rate calculator at; an online resource for both parents and babysitters.

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How To Budget For A Baby

A common question of couples planning on starting a family is, “How much does it cost to have a baby?” With the media reporting that children can cost hundreds of thousands to raise, cribs retailing at hundreds of dollars and health care expenses soaring, it’s no wonder new parents are concerned. While there is no black and white answer on how much you are going to spend, the good news is that you can make child rearing as expensive or as inexpensive as you choose.

As with many things, babies come with fixed expenses and re-occurring expenses. The cost of fixed expenses, like baby gear and nursery décor, can easily be reduced down to a minimum.

Decorating a nursery can easily run you thousands of dollars if you buy all new furniture, rugs, curtains, wall decorations, closet organizers etc. However, with a little creativity, resourcefulness and thought, you can easily put together a dream nursery for a few hundred, or even less! Keep your eyes and ears open for hand-me-downs, scour online classified, auctions and make it a regular outing to go to weekend garage sales. Update a well used, but dirt cheap, changing table with a fresh coat of paint and some inexpensive storage baskets. If you can’t find a used crib bumper that you love, ask your creative aunt or friend to sew you a custom bumper out of adorable fabric for a fraction of the cost of a new one. Take every opportunity to go to garage sales to find the cute little knick knacks that give a room personality.

Baby gear such as car seats, high chairs, stollers and bouncy chairs can also be found at bargains if you are willing to go with used. Make sure to check for safety recalls on everything you buy second hand.

If you have a good friend or relative who’s planning on starting a family soon make a deal with them that you’ll share baby gear. You can buy the bouncy chair if they buy the swing and you can let each other borrow them when you need them. Newborn gear is easy to share with others because the items only get used for a few months, hardly enough time to get dirty or wrecked.

The costs that you will need to budget for in your monthly budget are the re-occuring costs. Again, these can be as high or as low as you let them. The usual reoccurring baby costs are: formula/baby food, diapers, clothes, doctors visits, and toys.

Formula and disposable diapers can often be your largest expenses. As a guideline, assume that disposable diapers and wipes will cost you around $80 per month and formula $100 per month. However, both expenses can be virtually eliminated if you breastfeed and use cloth diapers. Breastfeeding is free and you can get a years supply of cloth diapers for less than $150.

When your baby is old enough to start on solids you can spend money on canned baby food or you can choose the most inexpensive option of making your own baby food purees. They are easy to make and taste so much better. The cost will only be an extra portion of fruit, vegetables and grains that you already buy.

Clothes and toys can be found second hand, church thrift stores are great places to look, or from generous family members at gift giving occasions. Luckily babies are so curious about the world around them that toys are easily found in everyday objects.

The web is full of free baby products, so take advantage! If you register at your favorite baby product websites you will soon start receiving generous coupons in the mail.

The bottom line is that babies can be raised on any kind of budget. What babies need more than monetary objects are love, attention, and affection, which are all free. You don’t need a trust fund in place in order for you to afford to have a child, if you are emotionally ready to raise baby, then money shouldn’t stop you. Keep in mind great brand name baby sites like  BabyEarth has not only a very savvy website, but they have great bargains.  Who knew you didn’t have to get everything for you new baby at Walmart.  You can actually have a lot of fun doing some online hunting.  If you go to sites like, check out their Clearance and Scratch n Dent sections.  If you don’t mind a few scratches, you can pick up a new crib for $129.  When cribs are now selling for over $400, it doesn’t hurt to get out a little scratch n dent marker and take the savings where you can find it. Another great discount site for not just cribs, but so much more.  Lots of moms love this site for detailed info on their baby products.  It really is a good “go to” site for car seats, strollers, bath time stuff, toys, baby furniture, and baby bags.

Money Saver: If you’re in the market for a crib, consider this money saving idea:  Get a convertible 3 in 1 bed.  It initially starts out being used as a crib, then an extended crib with rail walk outs and then ultimately a back head board and rails for a full size mattress.  It really does depend, however, how confident you are in keeping track of your furniture accessories for the future, and how good you will be at taking care of your furniture.  Are you likely to move a lot?  then this would not be a crib solution for you.  But if you are planning on using this one piece as a crib and future bed, then this is likely a good fit.  You can find the 3 in 1 crib at

Money Saver: Looking to save some money and be a little more eco-friendly?  Check out this smart buy at  This is a functional site that offers interesting new products that are a little more earth friendly and environmentally safe.  These bottles include a Stage 1 nipple for ages birth to 6 months.  And yes, these bottles and their colorful sleeves are dishwasher safe.  They’re a durable, long-lasting buy that will assure you your baby is using clean, healthy bottles.

WeeGo Glass Baby Bottles Are Fun and Eco-Friendly! is a baby products retailer and specialty store with an eco-friendly flair, sells everything for baby’s world under one roof. Offering the perfect combination of tried-and-true favorites and hard-to-find innovative breakthroughs. BabyEarth demonstrates its commitment to making baby’s world a safer and more fun place by offering one of the largest selections of organic baby products in the market today.

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Free Baby Products

Free Baby Products

Free Baby Products are definitely a topic parents want to talk about. If you’re looking for an easy to use directory, look no further.  Use this site as a resource guide to finding some of the best deals on the net.  When it comes to raising your baby and saving money, you’ll need all the tips you can get!  Free baby stuff is all around.  Whether you’re looking in the local paper, citywide magazine, or online, coupons and special offers are definitley out there.  Consider the articles that tackle this topic and give you the “How to’s” of getting free baby stuff…

Free Baby Stuff is right here!  Boy are you lucky to be reading this.  Here are some of the best links for free baby stuff that you’ll find on the net!  How about FREE tickets to the Ringling Circus for baby’s 1st circus?  If your baby is less than 12 months old and ready for their 1st Circus, then go to for FREE Circus Tickets.  You can find more links like these just by spending some time browsing the net.  You’ll find other free things like FREE Sippy Cups, FREE diapers, FREE Enfamil formula, FREE Boudreauxs Butt Paste, FREE Grocery Coupons, FREE BeechNut Baby Offers, FREE Diapers and Wipes, and an offer for a FREE Bug a Boo Stroller worth $760!

Have you heard of UnderJams, the newest solution for bed wetting.  Get your FREE Sample of UnderJams here.  You can also get a FREE Potty Training DVD from Huggies.

Other sites where you’ll find success are on the actual manufacturer’s websites.  Similac and other baby formula makers offer free samples on their sites among other special offers.  FREE Baby Formula Offer.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to spend a ton of time searching out these great deals.  The smart thing to do is to create a seperate email account for your freebies to go to.  That way you don’t hesitate to sign up worried that this might be the company that sells your information for spammers.  You have to give your info to get the goods.  It’s as simple as that.  This way, with a seperate email address, your personal email account wont get bogged down and you always know where to go to find your freeby emails.  Sign Up For Free Samples Here.  Also, and, are a good source for savings too.  Keep track of the good ones and pass it on.  We all have friends that like to save money too.

Baby Photo Contests are popular online.  As for the contests and sweepstakes, the more contests you apply for, the more chances you have to win.  TheCuteKid contest is one of the favorite baby photo contests out there.  They offer a grand prize of $25,000 for the cutest kid pic and up to $100,000 in overall prizes.  This is one worth checking out!

Photo Freebiees worth looking into are FREE photo albums and FREE photo sharing on  There, you will also find FREE photo printing offers and FREE photo software.  So there you go!  Now, when you want to submit that cutest baby pic for those contests, you can get your prints for free too!  Olan Mills also rewards you for having your new baby by offering absolutely FREE photos with Olan Mills Photo Studios.  Go to and click on “Special Offers” and then click on “New Baby.”  Deals like this are fun!

Did you know that along with tons of other sites have “Free Offers” and “Great Deals” pages?  Recently, offered free sample packs of Cottonelle Baby Wipes, Huggies Pull Ups, Baby Care Products, ect.  This page changes often, so go see what’s there now.  Walmart’s Free Sample Page or The Free Offers page may have just what you’re looking for. is also pretty handy to use from time to time.  It’s the perfect way to offer your used stuff for free and see if there are other free things out there for you that someone is wanting to give you.  It’s a new idea in recycling being put to work in a very trendy, online way.  It’s genius and it’s local. is another freebies site, only this one charges a $4.95 one time membership fee to see, offer, and receive other people’s freeby givaways.  For $4.95, why not take a peek!

Ready for some reading material?  These are a few recommended books:

FREE STUFF for the baby from

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