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Freebie Websites

Freebie Websites

Anyone with a small child already knows how expensive raising a baby can be; this is why someone created a wonderful thing called a baby shower. However, unless you perfect your baby registry and everyone gets you every single thing you asked for, it’s difficult to ensure you get everything you want and need. And even if you did have the perfect shower, the items you received won’t last forever. When you notice your items are dwindling, you get desperate, calling grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, godparents, etc. as the anonymous “baby” asking for more diapers to be shipped to an old, abandoned building – or else. But threatening people is not always necessary. So to avoid having to conjure up a baby voice just to get the expensive items you need, you might want to check out the numerous websites popping up that offer free baby items.

More and more websites are offering lots of free items to willing recipients. Many of these “free sites” used to offer frivolous items like pizza coupons or even sweepstakes entries, but the world of free has evolved and babies were not left behind. Now there are numerous sites available for parents to receive free baby items, usually with some time of registration required. To explore what is available out there, I took a look at some of the more popular sites for free baby items.

Baby to Bee has grown quickly over the years becoming very popular for offering free baby items like coupons, and information on discount baby products, baby cribs, clothes, furniture, toys on clearance and more.

This site also offers tons of articles and advice on becoming a parent, including recognizing the symptoms of teething, foods to eat during pregnancy, and even when Moms can have sex after giving birth (I know … not exact about the child, right?). It also has a $2500 Baby Photo Contest.

Baby to Bee has a few free clubs available to join such as Growing Family, American Baby, and Gerber Life. Growing Family is a free membership where you can receive free coupons, discounts and samples as well as “milestone gifts” for parents. American Baby offers a free 6 month subscription to their magazine. And Gerber Life is a program that offers three months of free life insurance and a free Gerber newsletter after a registration process. Offers are updated often so it would be a good idea to check the site frequently to keep up with current information.

Baby to Bee states on its site that it currently reaches one-third of the 3 million pregnant women out there and within the next year, they intend to reach up to 50% of expecting parents – quite a goal! But as they grow in popularity, and continue to serve the masses with quality information, they just may attain that goal.

Free Mania was a website created by a 14-year-old in 1996. Over a decade later the site has exploded and is one of the most popular “free sites” on the Internet – much it its success due to the offering of free baby items.

The site currently offers free baby and grocery coupons for everything from baby formula and food, to diapers and clothes. They have free coupons for Target, Chuck E Cheese, Baskin Robbins and even a free Denny’s Kids Meal. They also offer coupons for Similac and Gerber along with free samples of Bright Beginnings Formula. You can receive free recipes, potty training kits, diaper rash cream, and even a free 12-month subscription to Parents Magazine. And if you and your baby like to travel in style, you can receive coupons for Kate Spade, Babies’R’Us, Gap Maternity and more!

One thing that’s different from this site is that the majority of their free baby items are offered without the obligation to fulfill offers from sponsors. You simply click on the link that will take you to the item of choice. If it is available, you can have it – no questions asked. Nice, right?

I actually heard about this website for free baby items on my local radio station, which prompted me to check their site for more information. On the radio, they talked about all of the free things you can receive just by stopping by their website, so I had to know more. When I reached the site, I was greeted by pictures of precious babies, diapers, cribs, and formula. But once I got a good look at the site, I realized that it offers significantly less than the other the previous two sites I mentioned (not that anything free isn’t good, mind you!). The items they offer at this point are: Ultimate Pampers Package, Ultimate Huggies Package, Enfamil, Similac, the Storkcraft 3-in-1 Crib, and the Graco Family Tree Package.

I was interested in learning more about how to receive one of the items so I strolled down further only to be greeted by the terms and conditions. I discovered that in order to receive any of the free baby items, a person must register, complete a user survey then complete “at least 2 Silver, 2 Gold and 4 Platinum offers.” Now I’m not a big fan of “completing offers” because it usually means I have to whip out my credit card then mark the calendar to remember to cancel what I never wanted in the first place. Not to mention the difficulty with dealing with customer service reps who want to keep giving you “3 free months.” But that’s a totally different article.

Aside from having to sign up for offers, it seems to be a good site. It doesn’t offer any additional advice or information, but being able to receive one of the items I’ve mentioned able is certainly a plus – and one more thing than you had before visiting the site!

No matter where you choose to go to find your free baby items, the fact remains – they’re free! So when you have some time, check out these free sites along with the dozens of other sites out there that might be of assistance to you. You can even benefit from them without having your own child (can we say free baby items for a shower or two?). But you didn’t hear that from me!

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Baby Formula Coupons

Baby Formula Coupons are not hard to find. Consider going straight to the source.  We recommend the simple route.  Going online is the quickest way to see what’s out there and also go directly to the websites of the makers of the products that your baby uses the most.  We all know that baby formula is one of the most expensive items that you constantly have to buy.  One trick that moms use to get discounts on their baby food is to sign up at coupon clipping websites.  Let them notify you by email everytime a new weekly coupon ad comes out.  Companies are getting pretty savvy with their digital coupon clipping.  One grocery site out their actually has e-services and electronic coupon clipping.  So the next time you use your personal Club Card at the check out stand, your coupons will be awarded automatically and show you instant savings.  Genius!

Consider goint to the maker’s company website.  Typically, if they have a new special offer or promo code, they want people to know about it.  They’re going to post it on their homepage and ask you to sign up for coupons and discount.  Do it.  Create a “coupon email account” specifically for signing up for these offers via email.  It’s a smart way to get the info and offers you want and still keep your privacy.  Basically, if you want to sign up for free coupons and free offers, they want to know who they’re sending that stuff to.  It’s all one giant sales effort to get you to continue to use their products.  Fair enough, I think.

Baby Formula Coupons and Resources:

A Post From a Big Fan of Baby Formula Coupons –

I’m not even a parent and I know how expensive baby food can get raising a child, thanks to my hundred or so cousins! But there is no skimming on these important items and formula products, they are absolute needs for the baby/child, especially if the child is not breastfeeding.  However, there is a way that you can slim down on the prices of these products, and by that I mean finding lower prices and discounts. Finding a lower price doesn’t necessarily mean the product or item, in this case baby formula, is going to be of a lesser quality, its simply means that the manufacture decided to give coupons or discounts out. And don’t worry, these are still brands you trust most, they aren’t some wacky brand you never heard of looking to push their formula. These are brands you trust like Similac, Enfamil, Nestle.

Fortunately for you, finding coupons online is one of the easiest things to get your hands on nowadays with the Internet being a viable source of information! There are a few different things you can do in order to find these discounts online. One main thing is to look online at the place where you buy your baby formula. In most cases they will have an e-sales paper with weekly ads that you can take a look at, and in these papers you will be able to see if your babies formula is on sale or not.  With the more savvy digital coupons, you can download them along with similar product offers.  Number two, you can search directly on the manufacturers site for special offers and coupon codes.

A lot of times if you go to sites like, they will have coupons right on the site that you can go and print out and then take to the store with you or use the code online. Or even better, you can go to sites and sign up for their newsletter, this allows them to send you information and or discounts to their products. I always like this option because it means you don’t have to search around at a whole bunch of places online, you simply sign up, wait, and then they send you coupons right to your email address. In this case, make sure you white list the factories email address so the emails from them don’t end up in your spam box (which does happen on occasion). The next thing you can do is go to sites that are primarily created and used for coupons such as MomsView or FreeStuff4Baby, these sites have tons upon tons of baby coupons and not just for formula, but anything your baby needs!

If you don’t mind searching around a bit, you can find virtually any coupon or discount for anything you want or need online.  You just have to spend some time looking.  It’s a good idea to look for things in specific, detailed words, such as coupons for Enfamil baby formula or coupons for Huggie diapers, but you can also find what you want just as easily, by search for non specifics, such as coupons for baby formula. If you are unspecified, then you will find more sites, and more coupons. But of course, if you only use one brand, then you only use one brand and it’s not a big problem.  - Article Contributed by Kristi Ambrose.  Thank you.

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Free Baby Samples

Free Baby Samples

Free Baby Samples are out there!  See below for a list of freebie links.  Are you having a new baby soon?  Did you just have a baby?  Did you know that you can stock up on free baby samples and supplies before that baby comes?  There are manufacturing companies out there that want to promote and givaway products so you’ll use them and use them again!  You’ll find that some of these juicy samples come pretty easily if you know where to look.

One kid favorite is Dandy Lyon Bites nutricious foods.  You can visit their site for free samples.  Some websites like,,, Free Pull Ups, and have places where you can register for promo updates via email and receive free samples delivered to your home, some on a regular basis.  Some of these sites offer additional product savings on other baby needs like lotions, baby washes, shampoos, wipes, powders, ect.

If your new baby is still on their way, think about being proactive and stock up early.  Most in demand items will be diapers, diapers, diapers!  So take some steps to finding good deals with free samples and stock up early.

For those that are planning on breastfeeding, consider that formula is a great secondary source to making sure your baby gets nutrition.  Sometimes, you may want to have some Formula Samples handy.  Formula manufacturers will promote their products as being supplemental to breastfeeding. However, if you are using only formula, you’ll find that the top formula manufacturers will send you free samples, even full product samples to let your baby try their formula first hand.  A few places to find offers for free baby samples are,, (Enfamil Rewards), (Free Samples Page) and Parents Choice Formula.

Like the product samples, you can sometimes sign up and receive these free formula samples on a regular monthly basis.  A visit to any product companies’ website is a great way to find more information regarding their free offers, including the makers of baby gear and various products.  Key baby items worth finding great deals on might be a BabyBjorn baby carrier, FREE bottles, FREE sippy cups, changing blankets (powder blankets), FREE diaper bag and free Enfamil baby samples, a travel stroller to keep in the trunk, baby care products, and of course, wipes.

New mom’s are prime targets.  Companies wants to give new mom’s free samples in hopes you’ll continue to use their products.  If you have your baby in a hospital, you’ll get treated to all sorts of free samples before you leave.  Don’t be shy, ask for extras if you can.

Interested in free samples of baby music CDs and DVDs?  Nearly all of the major music and movie distributors provide sample discs, again, in hopes you’ll continue to use their products.  The next time you visit a Babies R Us store, or your local Target, check out who makes or distributes those baby music CDs or movie DVDs.  They typically have a company website noted on the back of the packaging.  Visit these sites and see what kind of samples and special offers are waiting for you!

Free Sample Sites:  www.FreeSamplesNetwork.comParentsChoiceFormula.comPregnancy-Guide.netMySavings.comCall-In Free Samples,  The last website is full of all different types of free offers.  I thought I would toss this one in there because I did notice some nice freebies in there for moms and dads too.  Check out for free diapers, free formula, free baby stuff, free gas, free haircuts, free family trips, ect. has useful links for Free offfers for American Baby and Parent Magazines.  Free baby photo prints, diapers, wipes, and more. is where you can find product info on all sorts of baby stuff from sippy cup replacement parts to dangly squeeky things.  They offer free shipping promo code: FREESHIP when you shop at one of their online approved partners like,, and  So the next time you lose a sippy straw, don’t through it out!  You can get your replacement straws on  They also have coupons and freebies when you sign up.  Free Baby Music by Does Mozart sound better when it’s free?  I think it does.

Has your baby experienced Baby Einsteins yet?  If not, it’s highly recommended to stimulate your babies mind and spirit.  The way Baby Einstein pulls in every detail to the story, and how they explore the world around them is enough to keep even the most fussy baby quietly entertained.  These DVD’s are especially appreciated during bed time.  When they’re fussy about going to sleep, pop in one of the Baby Einstein DVDs to bring them some peace.  Find Discount Offers for Baby Einstein DVDs for Baby on Amazon.  Enjoy great deals on baby DVDs for as low as $3.99 in the Clearance section.

But if that’s not low enough for you, you can always contact the Baby Einstein company via email and visit their promo section on their website.  They offer FREE demo DVD along with other product offers. Baby Einstein FREE DVD demo.

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