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Frugal Tips for Your Twin Babies..

Frugal Tips For Twins

Frugal Tips for Your Twin Babies..

Frugal Tips for Your Twin Babies.. A new baby in the house means a whole lot of fun. On the flip side, it also means a whole lot of work for new parents. In the case of twin babies, and even multiples, this means not just double the fun but also double the work and double the cost. If you ever felt stressed about money before, having twins is a whole other ball game story.

Here are some tips especially meant for parents of twins and multiple babies to save some money and some energy:

•Cloth or Disposable?  The Diaper Debate. Like many new parents to twin babies, you’re probably going through all the initial decisions like wondering what type of diapers to use.  Ideally, cloth would be best if you didn’t have to worry about the laundry and poopy diapers.  Gross.  Nobody likes dealing with this stuff.  That’s why we now have diaper service companies that will set you up with a “starter package deal.”  There are companies out there like  that offers great diaper solutions especially if you’re looking into more eco-friendly ideas.  All you have to do, really, with cloth diapers is stock them in a laundry sack and wait for the diaper service guy to come pick them up from a big tub they give you.  It’s really come a long way since having to launder your own baby’s diapers.  Of course, it’s going to cost you, but they do offer 1st timers good deals.  Check out

Work as a pair to care for your twins. Now that you have twins, parenting is a sport!  Generally, one of the parents takes over the majority of parenting chores because the other is often working. With twins however, it often becomes necessary for both parents to share duties more or less equally.  Sharing the parent work load equally is a smart thing to do.  If one parent feels like their pulling most of the load, it doesn’t take long for resentments to build.  And that’s not good for anybody, especially not the kids.  So split up the work so everybody pitches in and works as a team.

Alternate between both twins. Do not go in for an arrangement where each spouse looks after chores related to only one of the twins. Alternate, so both parents get to handle both of the twins. You want more than anything else, to keep a happy house and make sure each  child feels nurtured equally.

Determine a schedule. Juggling sleep, eat, and play routines for two new babies can be both, chaotic and exhausting. Getting your twins accustomed to a fixed routine makes your work easier, and is good for them too.  If you ever have a hard time getting in the flow of a new twin schedule, don’t let it go on and on without doing something about it.  It will only make things worse.  Instead, ask your fellow parent friends for help and see what they do.  All parents use tips and tricks from lots of other parents along the way.  This is definitely a smart thing to do to when it comes to getting into a routine.  See what works for you and stick with it.  The only trick to a routine is consistency and committing to keeping it.

Have names that sound distinct. This is an obvious point that often gets overlooked. Parents often give twins similar sounding names. While this sounds cute, it can lead to confusion and teasing as they get older in school.  (Remember these are proven tips and advise from child psychologists, not just me.) And this is what I’m reporting after research.  So don’t name your twins, “Donna and Lonna”

Dress them differently. Not just identical twins, all infants can look startlingly similar. Dressing twins differently helps to tell them apart and, at times, may help prevent unnecessary, or even grave, confusion.  Dressing your twins seperately also gives them an important sense of individuality and lets them know that they are their own person, not just a twin of someone else.

Be vigilant for infections. Twins spend most of their time together and thus are more than likely to contract infections from each other. If either of your twins seems unwell, be on your guard against the likelihood of the other one catching the ‘bug’ too.  This goes the same for any household with multiple kids.  You don’t want to get stuck passing a virus around from one child to the next back and forth.

Accept friendly help. As parents of twins, you may receive well-meaning offers of help from relatives, friends, or well-wishers. If so, accept them, at least some of the time.  Don’t try to be a “super-mom” and think you can go it alone.  Maybe you can, but why not make things easier at times and let your family watch the twins while you go get your hair done.

Employ professional help. If you are fortunate enough to have the financial means to do so,  employing a nanny or ocassional babysitter is one way you could make the job of bringing up twins a bit easier. Especially if you have multiples, going it alone (even with both mom and dad) can be a major challenge. Accept help wherever you get it and do yourself a favor and look into the cost of nannies just so you know what to expect early.  You might be surprised how affordable their services can be.  Check out or for both nannies and babysitters.  Both can be good options.

Frugal Ideas to Keep their individuality. Your twins do not necessarily have to share a lot between them-apart from their birthdays that is. Learn to know them as individuals and treat them so.  Parents of twins and multiple babies report noticing their twins’ different little personalities immediately after birth.

Don’t have the TV on all day. This may sound like a strange tip – it’s not. The reality is that watching TV will waste away your precious time, keep you up late, and throw the twins’ schedules off dramatically.  When kids get used to watching TV programs, it’s hard to get them to stop.  As they get older, you don’t want to find yourself in a battle to turn off the TV and it’s simple – you have to start early.  Teach them that you do other things as a family besides sit on the couch together.   Instead, watch videos. With videos, you have control. You can pause and start again without the fear of missing something.  Having the luxury of pushing pause also gives you a bit of control when they start acting up and may need a time out.  Watch short comedies that last only 1/2 an hour. Laughter is key during the first year, (parents included) otherwise you’ll go nuts.  Don’t even think about watching your favorite Law & Order episode on demand with the little kiddies around now.  Nope, you’re watching Disney stuff and Baby Einstein now!  Welcome to parenthood.

Take time for you. Get out of the house. Get a massage (Dads included). Take a bath in silence or with your favorite CD. Take naps. To most parents, this is the ultimate luxury, to be able to nap in the middle of the day while someone else looks after the twins.  See friends. You’ll need to schedule this time – it won’t come naturally as your job is never done for the day – or night! Work with your spouse to coordinate “time-off” and take advantage of any help you can get to take the breaks you’ll need.  If a family member pops over unexpectedly and offers to take them to the park, do it!  You can use that time to rest and the twins will enjoy their time with auntie.  Remember, it’s not just the parents who can use breaks from the twins, but the twins who can sometimes use breaks from the parents.  Spending time apart teaching them lots of things.  It teaches them routine, consistency, confidence, and security in getting to know how their world works.

Routine. Routine. Routine. You can’t wing this. Develop routines and patterns. Get up, change them, get dressed, feed them, change them, feed them, nap them, change them, feed them – you get the idea. They’ll adapt quickly to routines and your days will become smoother.  It usually takes about 3 days for anew routine to set in with kids.  You’ll be surprised how easily they take to it… probably easier than you.

As a side note, there WILL be times when you don’t think you can go on – this is normal. There will be times when you want to run screaming bloody murder – this is normal. You can and will get through this.

Being a parent has its rewards. And having twins can have it’s rewards too. You can possibly earn money with your twins’ photos. There are lots of baby photo contests out there specifically looking for twins. Lots of modeling and TV commercial acting for baby products, requires twins. This is definitely something worth looking into if you want to see if your baby has what it takes to bring in a check.

Saving money with twins is not easy. Here’s some tips: Use hand me downs from other families of twins. Some parents live in communities with family club memberships (free) to exchange clothes with each other.  Some communities hold these clothing exchanges on a monthly basis and it’s free! You just have to agree to “work the show” for a 2 or 3 hour window of time. ..totally worth the great deals.

Dine In and Save! Reports show that dining out is one of the biggest money wasters in most households, especially when you have a larger family now. You don’t want to see your baby budget go down the tubes when you have a perfectly good kitchen and groceries at home.  But dining in doesn’t just save you money.  It gives you a chance to gather as a family and cook as a family.  As your kids get older, they’ll appreciate this when they know about basic nutrition and how to make their own creative culinary concoctions.

Special Offer

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Baby Coupons

Baby Coupons are something every mom and dad are constantly hunting for. Let this site be a resource for finding the best baby coupon deals on the net! One favorite idea is going online. Manufacturer’s and company websites in particular offer the good stuff.  Why not head straight to the source!  Are you looking for discounts and  baby coupons on things like baby formula, baby gear, shoes, strollers, baby carriers, toys on clearance, groceries, clothing, free baby portraits, Disney movies, Disney cruises, or dental care?  Then this site can help you.  *See also: “Baby Food Coupons” on this site.

It’s easy to find these sites too.  Read below and see some popular responses for baby coupons online.  If you use a certain product continuously, why not go to their site and see if they have any samples or special offers.  Some of the larger companies also offer scholarship funds for certain contests.  For example,

One of the best ways to compliment your baby coupons is the occasional cute baby photo contest or sweepstakes.  For example, there’s, which offers great grand prizes of $25,000 for the cutest baby/kid photo (you can pretend your check is one giant coupon!)  And hosts a monthly sweepstakes.  Currently, you can enter to win Free Diapers For A Year! How great would that be?

Some of the better coupon sites out there are,,,,, and  They offer great baby coupons from makers like Pillsbury, General Mills, Kraft, Betty Crocker and more!  Coupons include General Mills cereal, Kraft cheese, Kraft kid snacks, Dannon, Ritz, Triscuit, Velveeta, Crystal Light, Johnson and Johnson, Burts Bees, Earth’s Best, Gerber, Enfamil and more!
One of the best baby coupon clipping sights out there might be

Also be sure to check the Sales pages at your favorite online retailer.  Places like Weekly Ads Page,, Clearance Page, Clearance Page,,,, and is currently offering a beautiful Organic Tree Duvet Cover for $14.99 and plush suede baby boots for $8.99.  They also have other baby/kids decor on clearance too.  This is a place to pick up some great pieces for the babies room and save some money on the way.  There’s no reason why you can’t shop the online clearance isles of the trendier companies as well.  So when you’re looking for baby coupons, don’t forget the main goal is to save money, no matter how you do it.  If you can find baby items, baby furniture, and baby gear for 75% off retail, then you’re doing good!

Raising a baby can be expensive, but, with a little online savvy and some help from your friends, you can save bundles and even find some free baby stuff. Here’s how to save money on baby and find the best baby freebies on the web.

Baby Freebies Online. Just as having a baby can be an expensive proposition for you, it can be a profitable one for retailers and manufacturers. Many companies will give away things to expectant and new moms in the hopes of earning your business for a long time to come.   Here’s how to get free products, samples and coupons from the most trusted baby brands. You can typically find free samples and discount coupons by navigating your browser directly to a manufacturer’s website. To find these websites, do an online search for your favorite brands of formula, diapers, and baby foods.

You can also often get free trial subscriptions to leading parenting magazines. At the time of this writing, you can get a free 6-month subscription to American Baby magazine and a free 12-month subscription to Baby Talk magazine directly at the publications’ websites.

A word of caution about signing up for baby freebies, newsletters, and sweepstakes. Make sure you read the fine print, as well as a site’s privacy policy before you enter your name and email address on the company’s registration form. Each time you are signing up for something, you are probably being put on a mailing list. You may want to have a secondary email address that you use only on registration pages and, if the page asks you if you would like additional mailings from partners, opt out.

It’s a good idea, too, to check the URL of the freebie’s registration page before you fill it out, to make sure you are on the website of the manufacturer or publisher. Third party sites, especially sites devoted to providing freebies, may be in the business of collecting and selling your personal information.

Savings on Diapers and Formula. These are two items you will probably spend the most money on before your baby becomes a toddler. Breastfeeding is, of course, the cheapest way around buying infant formula, but it’s just not an option for everyone. Here are the best ways we have found to save.

Search Online. See if you can find products cheaper online. Do a search on for bulk groceries or formula. This site, run by Google, allows you to comparison shop across lots of different sites with just one search. And check prices at Amazon Grocery, too, which will ship these products to you, just like any other Amazon purchase. Shipping is often free for orders of $25 or more.

Join the Club. Ask at the customer service desk of your local grocery store to see if they have any kind of Baby Savings Club. Some of the leading grocer chains offer additional savings for these types of purchases.

Discount Baby Furniture and Gear. When it comes to baby furniture and baby gear, you can save a lot simply by knowing where to look.

Let Your Friends Know What You Need. The best way to get free baby stuff is to ask your friends and family for anything they might be hanging onto that they don’t need anymore. Even your friends whose kids are a bit older may still have some items in the attic.

Have a Baby Shower. You’ve probably bought several baby gifts for your friends and family by now, and now it’s your turn!  This is your big “pay back” moment.  Baby showers are a great way to get exactly what you need for the new baby. Even better, your guests can share more ways on how you might be able to save money on baby items in your particular area.

Join Moms Groups.
Join parenting groups both in your local area and online. These are fantastic resources for free information and a daily or weekly dose of sanity. Plus, once you get to know other moms in your area, you can swap secondhand baby clothes.

Join a Freecycling Network. allows you to give away things you don’t need while taking things you do. Do a Google search to find a Freecycle Network in your area, or visit and browse the groups or enter your town into the search box. Once you find a local freecycling group, you can usually post your own needs and you find a lot of good things, completely free.

Shop for used items. Local consignment stores, thrift stores, and garage sales are a great place to find gently used baby furniture or gear. Check the newspaper for this weekend’s garage sales or monitor an online garage sale announcement service. Go to Yahoo Groups and enter your city and “Garage Sale.”

A note about buying baby items secondhand: If you buy used toys or baby gear, make sure they still have safety labels attached. Also, it’s a good idea to always buy a new car seat for your child. You don’t want to take a risk by getting a secondhand car seat that may have been in an accident.

Simplify. The most important thing for our family when our kids were small was to consider carefully what it was we really needed.  Think about it.  When we were excited about having our first child, we felt like we wanted one of everything. But we found that some gear was not necessary at all, and some of it just got in the way.

The simple approach is sometimes the best, so take a little time with each buying decision.  Do you really need it?  If there is a piece of furniture or a baby item that you feel you really need, see if you can get it gently used. It’s better on the pocketbook and the environment.

It’s also tempting to invest in things the baby will need when he or she has grown older. You can save money by waiting until your baby actually needs a bigger, better stroller, for example, to see both what you can afford and what kind of features are truly the most important to you at the time. It helps me to look at it this way: When you save money by not buying things you really don’t need, you’ll have more money to put aside for your child’s future or those important things you DO need.

With babies, as with life, the simple approach is often the best.  It’s o.k. to live a life filled with less.  By being less of a consumer overall allows you to not only enjoy the money you’ll be saving, but it also gives you the gift of simplicity.  Your kids don’t need that 2nd Gameboy and that 50th DVD.  They need food, shelter, and love.  Love is free, right?

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How To Budget For A Baby

A common question of couples planning on starting a family is, “How much does it cost to have a baby?” With the media reporting that children can cost hundreds of thousands to raise, cribs retailing at hundreds of dollars and health care expenses soaring, it’s no wonder new parents are concerned. While there is no black and white answer on how much you are going to spend, the good news is that you can make child rearing as expensive or as inexpensive as you choose.

As with many things, babies come with fixed expenses and re-occurring expenses. The cost of fixed expenses, like baby gear and nursery décor, can easily be reduced down to a minimum.

Decorating a nursery can easily run you thousands of dollars if you buy all new furniture, rugs, curtains, wall decorations, closet organizers etc. However, with a little creativity, resourcefulness and thought, you can easily put together a dream nursery for a few hundred, or even less! Keep your eyes and ears open for hand-me-downs, scour online classified, auctions and make it a regular outing to go to weekend garage sales. Update a well used, but dirt cheap, changing table with a fresh coat of paint and some inexpensive storage baskets. If you can’t find a used crib bumper that you love, ask your creative aunt or friend to sew you a custom bumper out of adorable fabric for a fraction of the cost of a new one. Take every opportunity to go to garage sales to find the cute little knick knacks that give a room personality.

Baby gear such as car seats, high chairs, stollers and bouncy chairs can also be found at bargains if you are willing to go with used. Make sure to check for safety recalls on everything you buy second hand.

If you have a good friend or relative who’s planning on starting a family soon make a deal with them that you’ll share baby gear. You can buy the bouncy chair if they buy the swing and you can let each other borrow them when you need them. Newborn gear is easy to share with others because the items only get used for a few months, hardly enough time to get dirty or wrecked.

The costs that you will need to budget for in your monthly budget are the re-occuring costs. Again, these can be as high or as low as you let them. The usual reoccurring baby costs are: formula/baby food, diapers, clothes, doctors visits, and toys.

Formula and disposable diapers can often be your largest expenses. As a guideline, assume that disposable diapers and wipes will cost you around $80 per month and formula $100 per month. However, both expenses can be virtually eliminated if you breastfeed and use cloth diapers. Breastfeeding is free and you can get a years supply of cloth diapers for less than $150.

When your baby is old enough to start on solids you can spend money on canned baby food or you can choose the most inexpensive option of making your own baby food purees. They are easy to make and taste so much better. The cost will only be an extra portion of fruit, vegetables and grains that you already buy.

Clothes and toys can be found second hand, church thrift stores are great places to look, or from generous family members at gift giving occasions. Luckily babies are so curious about the world around them that toys are easily found in everyday objects.

The web is full of free baby products, so take advantage! If you register at your favorite baby product websites you will soon start receiving generous coupons in the mail.

The bottom line is that babies can be raised on any kind of budget. What babies need more than monetary objects are love, attention, and affection, which are all free. You don’t need a trust fund in place in order for you to afford to have a child, if you are emotionally ready to raise baby, then money shouldn’t stop you. Keep in mind great brand name baby sites like  BabyEarth has not only a very savvy website, but they have great bargains.  Who knew you didn’t have to get everything for you new baby at Walmart.  You can actually have a lot of fun doing some online hunting.  If you go to sites like, check out their Clearance and Scratch n Dent sections.  If you don’t mind a few scratches, you can pick up a new crib for $129.  When cribs are now selling for over $400, it doesn’t hurt to get out a little scratch n dent marker and take the savings where you can find it. Another great discount site for not just cribs, but so much more.  Lots of moms love this site for detailed info on their baby products.  It really is a good “go to” site for car seats, strollers, bath time stuff, toys, baby furniture, and baby bags.

Money Saver: If you’re in the market for a crib, consider this money saving idea:  Get a convertible 3 in 1 bed.  It initially starts out being used as a crib, then an extended crib with rail walk outs and then ultimately a back head board and rails for a full size mattress.  It really does depend, however, how confident you are in keeping track of your furniture accessories for the future, and how good you will be at taking care of your furniture.  Are you likely to move a lot?  then this would not be a crib solution for you.  But if you are planning on using this one piece as a crib and future bed, then this is likely a good fit.  You can find the 3 in 1 crib at

Money Saver: Looking to save some money and be a little more eco-friendly?  Check out this smart buy at  This is a functional site that offers interesting new products that are a little more earth friendly and environmentally safe.  These bottles include a Stage 1 nipple for ages birth to 6 months.  And yes, these bottles and their colorful sleeves are dishwasher safe.  They’re a durable, long-lasting buy that will assure you your baby is using clean, healthy bottles.

WeeGo Glass Baby Bottles Are Fun and Eco-Friendly! is a baby products retailer and specialty store with an eco-friendly flair, sells everything for baby’s world under one roof. Offering the perfect combination of tried-and-true favorites and hard-to-find innovative breakthroughs. BabyEarth demonstrates its commitment to making baby’s world a safer and more fun place by offering one of the largest selections of organic baby products in the market today.

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Cosco Baby Products

People want to know about Cosco Baby Products.  And no, I’m not talking about Costco (the mega club store)  Cosco is a big player in the baby product industry.  The company is known for being the “best value” product on the shelf.  Cosco offers all sorts of contemporary baby products ranging from Car Seats to Strollers to Baby Play Yards.  Check out for some of the best deals on Cosco Baby Products.  You can also sometimes find great deals on Cosco products on the Clearance page of  If you’re wondering about recall information on your Cosco Baby Product, go to for recall information.

Another great place to look is and  But there’s nothing easier than finding someone local through Craigslist so you can actually check it out in person before you buy.  You’ll find amazing deals on CL.  It’s a hot spot for used kid and baby stuff.  Currently, they have a listing for a 1 year old car seat with drop-in bases for 2 cars. All 3 pieces sold for only $50.00.  That particular car seat retailed for $169.99 one year ago and the drop-in bases retail for $33.60 each on Amazon.  Now that’s the kind of deals we’re talkin’ about!

Favorite Pick:  The Cosco Pink Altura Jogging Stroller for $69.99.  If you buy through Yahoo Shopping, the link actually takes you to The Stroller Superstore.  Check this place out!  They offer FREE Shipping and a $25 rebate on orders over $100.  ..Definitely a place to do some online shopping for Cosco baby products!

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Discount Baby Products

Discount baby products are everywhere!  Whether you find them online or in person after you’ve made a bee line to the clearance sections, great deals are everywhere.  Most baby product manufacturers now offer discounts and special offers directly on their website.  For example, if you’re looking for a Baby Bjorn carrier and you don’t want to pay retail, you may want to look into sites like and offers gently used items directly from the seller.  If you haven’t heard of, it’s time to get out from under your rock and go see.  This is a great spot for finding gently used or sometimes brand new kid and baby items that are local to your area and easy to check out in person before you buy.  Be prepared to negotiate with the Craigslist seller.  This is part of the culture now on Craigslist and it’s not considered rude to try to get the price down.  The worst they can say is, “no,” right?

Favorite Pick: definitely has some great deals.  Their homepage has a “Clearance” page advertised in big fat letters!  They offer everything baby for 30-80% off.

Favorite Pick: is the place to go if you’re looking for unique things for kids and baby.  It’s got it all: strollers, baby products, monitors, cribs, baby decor, outdoor play stuff, toddler bikes, toys, more toys, and even kiddy Tee Pee Tents! They have one that is solid fabric, so it could even be a fun painting project for the kids.

One of the site’s features is a Really Cool Pop-Up Play Tents on sale for $65.  All kids love these!  It’s the perfect place to stash the toys and play hide and seek from mom.  This is a mush have in the play area.  Parents like them too because they easily fold up and can be stashed under the sofa or in the closet.  Other great finds at is their incredible selection of Baby and Kid Bikes.  One that really stands out is the Limited Edition Chrome Kids Race Car Pedal Car. It’s on sale from $625, marked down to $479.   Hey, a discount is a discount, right?

Looking for the FREE stuff?  Sometimes people offer baby items for FREE on Craigslist and other sites.  For example, you may score an old crib that just needs a paint job, a bag of perfectly good baby clothes, baby monitor, baby music, kid movies on VHS (remember VHS?), or an old bike that’s just asking for some training wheels.

When you go to, search in your area under the Kids/Baby tab and the “Free Stuff” and “For Trade” sections too.  You might be surprised what you find.  More and more in this day, people are opting to give their old stuff away rather than toss it in a landfill.  Plus, some people simply and genuinely want to see their precious baby things go to good homes.

Here’s another good one, check out  For a one time $4.95 membership fee, you can offer your free items on for someone else to come pick up and also use the site to find free stuff that others are willing to give.  Everything is free and it’s local.  $4.95 for unlimited free opportunities sounds like a pretty good deal for cheap baby items.  $4.95 sound like paying too much?  You can find the FREE version at  This is basically the same service site but without the membership fee.  I don’t know about you, but for $4.95 I think it’s worth taking a peek.

Another place for discount baby products is in the sale or clearance sections of your local grocer, drug store, or retailer.  You never know what kind of discounts you’ll find for all sorts of baby prodcts.  Be aware of what you’re buying though.  Try not to get carried away in the world of clearance items.  Ask yourself if that baby item will really get used or if you’re just going to buy it because it’s cheap.  Don’t do it!  Beware of how easily your shopping cart can get overtaken by a bunch of stuff you don’t need.  This deflects the purpose of buying discount baby products from sales racks in the first place.  Instead, stick to a budget, stick to what’s on your list of “needs” and check out!

Savings Tip:
A savings trick that experienced moms do all the time is buy bigger sizes according to what’s on clearance.  If winter time is on its way and the retailer has an entire clearance section full of summer clothes, why not buy bigger sizes for your child’s next summer season?  This is the perfect strategy especially if you have more than one child to shop for.  Huge savings will add up soon with this little tactic.  Oh, and don’t forget the shoes!  It’s all about the shoes!

When you’re specifically searching for baby gear and looking for discounts, helpful sites are those that are linked partners with major companies like Cosco.  When you’re shopping at sights like, they often link you to the end shopping retailers discount sites.  A good one for discount baby strollers is Stroller Superstore where you can find great deals like a Deluxe Disney Stroller with Shade for $37.  This stroller site has it all.  Do you need a replacement shade or storage accessory for your stroller?  They have that!

Online shopping is not only convenient, especially when you have a baby or multiple kids in tow, but it’s a great way to find discount deals!  When shopping at your favorite online retailer, your first click should be on the “Sales” and “Special Offers” tab.  If you’re shopping for a baby product in particular, do your research before making that final purchase.  If you can’t find it on Craigslist or one of the online giants like,, or, then you go to online retailers – and click directly on that “Clearance Sale” tab!

See also “Baby Coupons” and “Free Baby Samples”

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Baby Food Coupons

Baby food coupons are a great way to cut back on your grocery expenses. Does it drive you nuts to think about how much baby formula and diapers cost?  Now that you may need things like infant formula, baby food, diapers, and teething biscuits, baby food coupons can really help cut the costs. It may take some time and effort but with the internet, baby food coupons are more accessible now than ever!  Bookmark  as your resource guide to a directory of websites for: baby food coupon, baby discount sites, where to find cheap baby stuff, and even contests for baby cash, scholarships, or maybe free diapers for a year!  Explore all the different way to save when it comes to raising your baby and eating well too.

Besides using this site, you may also consider going directly to the source. For example, if you need things like infant formula, take note of who makes these items and look on the packaging to locate their direct website. Don’t be shy to write them down on your next trip to the grocery store. For example:,, or Nature’s Best. Also be sure to check out,,,, and companies like Earth’s Best, Johnson’s Baby, and (click the coupons tabs). Typically, these manufacturer’s websites offer baby food coupons right on their homepage and Special Offers / Coupons spot. Some offer baby food coupons along with opportunities to register for discount alerts and even FREE product offers just by signing up. 

Hit the books for more savings! You will find great savings opportunities in baby and parent magazines.  A lot of times, their ads are filled with coupons and “buy one get one free” deals.  You may also spot a few promo codes in their ads to entice you to use their product for the first time.  Also be sure to actually read the magazine articles.  Typically, baby and parent magazines write articles about this same topic.  Parents want to know how to raise their kids and get their baby needs without breaking the bank!  A free subscription to Baby Talk Magazine is available at the Pregnancy Section of Click on the BabyTalk “Free Subscription” link. The magazine is offering this free subscription to expecting parents. These types of magazines are filled with baby product coupons along with savings opportunities to help you manage your baby budget.

Want more savings? Hit the web!  Sites like, BabyZone Freebies Page, and,, and Contest also offer special offers, family vacation giveaways and baby photo contests that reward their winners with free baby stuff, including baby food products. You just have to be willing to register, send in the requirements, and be patient. They have all sorts of baby food coupons as well as special offers, promotions, and giveaways on various baby products. Sites like are found to be a lot of fun, offering contests for the cutest baby photo. some give away up to $25,000 in prizes!

When it comes to baby coupons,  websites like these can be a great resource.  Bookmark to be your resource directory for coupon sites like these and more to come.  Some of the favorites are,,,,, and And don’t forget, before you head to your local grocery store, check out their own websites for weekly sales and promo items. Your local grocer may be,, or Typically you can register for grocery coupons or a Club card on the grocer’s site. The Club cards are easy to register for and a lot of fun to see the instant savings every time you check out. If you’re serious about finding the deals, take some time, and go see what type of savings are waiting for you!

Have you ever considered Ebay for coupons? Most people haven’t yet. But think about it. Baby coupons are a commodity just like anything else. Especially when you’re talking about $10 vouchers with 12 month expiration dates. Check out and search for baby coupons and formula vouchers.

Coupons, Coupons, Coupons! Check out for their Kids/Baby coupons. Print Grocery Coupons. When you visit these sites, you may want to search for topics like: kids snacks clearance, baby food coupons, baby/infant formula, ect. When you’re ready to have some fun, sign up at the BabyZone – Free Stuff page. Coupons are great, but if you’re a serious parent looking to have some fun and go for the Big PRIZES, you’ll want to participate in a few baby photo contests hosted by,,,, and Prize awards vary depending on the contest. Prizes may range from small dollar amounts, free products, family vacations, and even college scholarships! Enfamil has a baby scholarship fund as well as Similac. All you have to do is go to their sites, sign up, and complete the requirements. How great would it be to kick of your babies 1st college fund with a prize like that!

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