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Questions to Ask When Hiring a Nanny.

Questions to Ask When Hiring a Nanny.. If you’ve chosen the best way for you to find quality childcare is through a nanny agency, ascertain you use one that is a trusted source. Obtaining a referral from a person you know who has used the services offered by agencies is a great way to find a company you can trust. Another way to explore the reputation of the company is by finding out whether it has any professional affiliations.

Questions To Ask Yourself First: Utilizing a nanny agency can make the process of finding childcare providers easier, faster and more convenient. Before you even start using any particular agency, you should ask yourself some important questions. For instance, how much time do you have left before you’ll have to hire a nanny?  Are you in a rush or when do you absolutely have to have a nanny by?  There are some good agencies that actually offer last minute hiring. What type of service do you need? How many hours at a time will you require a nanny to watch over your child? Would you want to be able to speak with your potential nanny first by phone before setting up an interview with her in person?

Questions To Ask Your Agency: In any case, if you think an agency is a company you really want to use, do some preliminary research first. You could contact the Better Business Bureau to find out consumers complaints regarding the particular agency. Now you can ask some important questions. Ask what costs are involved with the registration or application and if charged fees are refundable. Ask how the company conducts background checks and if you will be able to obtain a copy. Some agencies require that their applicants have special training such as CPR and First Aid, so inquire about that. Moreover, ask about the company’s policies and guarantees. For instance, what if there is a disagreement between you and the nanny? How will the company handle that? These are just some basic but very important questions to ask your nanny agency.

Top Questions to Ask When Hiring a Nanny:

  • What kind of experience do you have?
  • Do you have references?
  • Do you have any problems with your background?
  • May we do a background search?
  • What are your thoughts on discipline?
  • How do you feel about part time or full time?
  • Are you available for travel?
  • Do you want live-in or live-out nanny services?
  • Will their be any cleaning responsibilities?
  • Will the nanny have access to the entire home?
  • Will the nanny have access to a family car?
  • Will the nanny have insurance benefits?
  • Will the nanny be paid gross or net?
  • What will the exact detailed duties be?  Exactly.
  • Will the nanny earn any additional benefits or bonuses?
  • Is there anything the nanny is not comfortable with?
  • Very important to ask: “Why do you want this job?”
  • Determine the nanny’s pay rate.
  • Determine the weekly schedule.
  • Contract negotiations or agreements signed.
  • Agree to have a week long trial run before the contract can be enforced.

Remember, when hiring a nanny, it’s really like inviting another person into your home and your family.  More important than anything is to take your time and be patient enough to wait for the perfect fit.

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The Nanny Pay Rates – Learn How Much to Pay a Nanny!

The Nanny Pay Rates – Learn How Much to Pay a Nanny! If you consider hiring a nanny and you are actually new to the nanny world, then it’s not always easy to figure out the standard nanny pay rates, responsibilities and hours. The nanny salary can be affected by different parameters – the nanny’s age and experience, references, responsibilities, number of children, your location and specific working days. If you don’t know how to set nannies salary then read on for the latest tips and advice.

What needs to be considered?

An average workweek of a full-time nanny is between 50-60 hours. When trying to determine your nanny pay rate you need to consider several important factors:

(1) Experience – how long does your nanny is working as a private childcare provider and how much experience does she have. Some nannies could perfectly fit your nanny profile however can be too expensive for you. When looking for a family helper you should find the right balance between experience and salary.

(2) References – by calling references you will be able to find out how professional your nanny is and maybe learn something about her previews fee.

(3) Responsibilities – there are many different types of nannies profile – live-in, live-out, full-time, part-time – each one can have different tasks to fulfill. As a rule of thumb – the more duties she has the more she need to be paid.

(4) Location – the nanny pay rates are usually higher is urban areas. If you live for example in the city center, a caregiver expects to get paid more.

(5) Working days – nannies who also work in weekends, on top of the regular working days in the middle of the week, should get paid more. When hiring a person to help you take care of your kids you may consider hiring two caregivers – one for the middle of the week and one for the weekends (if it’s affordable of course). That’s how you can let them rest and come back full of energy.

So, how much to pay?

Learning how to set your nanny pay rate is easier than you think. You can start by asking other parents from your area how much they pay. Asking other parents what the nanny going rate is can give you a pretty good idea what should be the right range. One of the most recommended ways to figure out the right nanny rate in your area is to search for and find this information over the Web. For example, if you live in Los-Angeles, use your favorite search engine and type “nannies rates in Los-Angeles” and examine the results.  Sometimes you can also consult with a local nanny service.  They may also provide you with nannies available in your area.

After you have had a chance to do some local research, you may come to the conclusion that hiring a nanny is simply not going to fit within your family budget.  If this is the case, try to find baby day care some other way.  Sometimes, local communities have mommy and nanny babysitting co-ops.  Each member agrees to make themselves available during certain hours to a limited number of kids or babies and in return, someone offers that person babysitting or nanny services for their child.  It’s a give and take honor system most times.  It’s an old-fashioned concept that’s making a big come back.  With the increase of our population and the demand now for both moms and dads to work, people are in need of baby and childcare during their office hours.  Let’s face it, we all need help and whether you’re lucky enough to have parents and grandparents local to help you with the baby, or whether you have to pay for it, we all need a little help.  Get creative when you’re searching for a new babysitter.  Ask your friends for referrals and even contact your local church or school for a responsible teenager that maybe lives in your neighborhood.  Lots of young teen age girls babysit to make some extra money and you can bet that this is going to be your cheapest option.

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Frugal Babysitting – Determining a Fair Babysitter Rate

Frugal Babysitting – Determining a Fair Babysitter Rate.  Have you finally found a good babysitter but have no idea what to pay them and what charges for babysitting are considered fair? You’re not alone, this is a common dilemma for parents. They want to pay a reasonable rate to a babysitter but they also don’t want to pay more than they need to. Luckily there are certain things to consider that should help you determine a fair babysitting rate.

The average babysitting rate these days is typically around $10 per hour but babysitting wages can vary widely anywhere from as little as $5 per hour all the way up to $17 per hour or more! The reason for such a wide range is due to three main factors: location, experience, and number of children being cared for:

Location of Family. Where you live does play a role in what to pay a babysitter. Typically, if you live in a large city like New York where the cost of living is higher, babysitting rates are also higher when compared to smaller cities and rural areas. Babysitting is a job like any else so babysitter rates will be affected by the location you are currently living in.

Experience of Babysitter. How much experience a babysitter has is one of the most important considerations in determining a reasonable babysitting rate. A high school student with little or no experience would normally earn less than an experienced adult. All other factors aside, teenagers are often happy to babysit for $5 per hour whereas an adult with a number of years experience would expect at least $10 per hour. It really all depends on your childcare requirements and what type of babysitter you are comfortable with caring for your children; It’s a personal choice.

Number of Children. This is pretty much a given; the more children you have needing a babysitter, the more work it’s going to be for a babysitter and the more money you should consider paying them. How much extra should you pay for looking after more than a single child? It can vary but usually around $1 or $2 per additional child is most common these days.

Still not sure what to pay a babysitter? Find out all there is to know about babysitting rates or use our popular babysitting rate calculator at babysitting-rates.com; an online resource for both parents and babysitters.

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