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Discount Baby Products

Discount baby products are everywhere!  Whether you find them online or in person after you’ve made a bee line to the clearance sections, great deals are everywhere.  Most baby product manufacturers now offer discounts and special offers directly on their website.  For example, if you’re looking for a Baby Bjorn carrier and you don’t want to pay retail, you may want to look into sites like KidSurplus.comAmazon.com and Ebay.com. Craigslist.com offers gently used items directly from the seller.  If you haven’t heard of Craigslist.com, it’s time to get out from under your rock and go see.  This is a great spot for finding gently used or sometimes brand new kid and baby items that are local to your area and easy to check out in person before you buy.  Be prepared to negotiate with the Craigslist seller.  This is part of the culture now on Craigslist and it’s not considered rude to try to get the price down.  The worst they can say is, “no,” right?

Favorite Pick:  Kidsurplus.com definitely has some great deals.  Their homepage has a “Clearance” page advertised in big fat letters!  They offer everything baby for 30-80% off.

Favorite Pick:  NetKidsWear.com is the place to go if you’re looking for unique things for kids and baby.  It’s got it all: strollers, baby products, monitors, cribs, baby decor, outdoor play stuff, toddler bikes, toys, more toys, and even kiddy Tee Pee Tents! They have one that is solid fabric, so it could even be a fun painting project for the kids.

One of the site’s features is a Really Cool Pop-Up Play Tents on sale for $65.  All kids love these!  It’s the perfect place to stash the toys and play hide and seek from mom.  This is a mush have in the play area.  Parents like them too because they easily fold up and can be stashed under the sofa or in the closet.  Other great finds at NetKidsWear.com is their incredible selection of Baby and Kid Bikes.  One that really stands out is the Limited Edition Chrome Kids Race Car Pedal Car. It’s on sale from $625, marked down to $479.   Hey, a discount is a discount, right?

Looking for the FREE stuff?  Sometimes people offer baby items for FREE on Craigslist and other sites.  For example, you may score an old crib that just needs a paint job, a bag of perfectly good baby clothes, baby monitor, baby music, kid movies on VHS (remember VHS?), or an old bike that’s just asking for some training wheels.

When you go to Craigslist.com, search in your area under the Kids/Baby tab and the “Free Stuff” and “For Trade” sections too.  You might be surprised what you find.  More and more in this day, people are opting to give their old stuff away rather than toss it in a landfill.  Plus, some people simply and genuinely want to see their precious baby things go to good homes.

Here’s another good one, check out Freepeats.org.  For a one time $4.95 membership fee, you can offer your free items on Freepeats.org for someone else to come pick up and also use the site to find free stuff that others are willing to give.  Everything is free and it’s local.  $4.95 for unlimited free opportunities sounds like a pretty good deal for cheap baby items.  $4.95 sound like paying too much?  You can find the FREE version at Freecycle.com.  This is basically the same service site but without the membership fee.  I don’t know about you, but for $4.95 I think it’s worth taking a peek.

Another place for discount baby products is in the sale or clearance sections of your local grocer, drug store, or retailer.  You never know what kind of discounts you’ll find for all sorts of baby prodcts.  Be aware of what you’re buying though.  Try not to get carried away in the world of clearance items.  Ask yourself if that baby item will really get used or if you’re just going to buy it because it’s cheap.  Don’t do it!  Beware of how easily your shopping cart can get overtaken by a bunch of stuff you don’t need.  This deflects the purpose of buying discount baby products from sales racks in the first place.  Instead, stick to a budget, stick to what’s on your list of “needs” and check out!

Savings Tip:
A savings trick that experienced moms do all the time is buy bigger sizes according to what’s on clearance.  If winter time is on its way and the retailer has an entire clearance section full of summer clothes, why not buy bigger sizes for your child’s next summer season?  This is the perfect strategy especially if you have more than one child to shop for.  Huge savings will add up soon with this little tactic.  Oh, and don’t forget the shoes!  It’s all about the shoes!

When you’re specifically searching for baby gear and looking for discounts, helpful sites are those that are linked partners with major companies like Cosco.  When you’re shopping at sights like YahooShopping.com, they often link you to the end shopping retailers discount sites.  A good one for discount baby strollers is Stroller Superstore where you can find great deals like a Deluxe Disney Stroller with Shade for $37.  This stroller site has it all.  Do you need a replacement shade or storage accessory for your stroller?  They have that!

Online shopping is not only convenient, especially when you have a baby or multiple kids in tow, but it’s a great way to find discount deals!  When shopping at your favorite online retailer, your first click should be on the “Sales” and “Special Offers” tab.  If you’re shopping for a baby product in particular, do your research before making that final purchase.  If you can’t find it on Craigslist or one of the online giants like Amazon.com, Buy.com, or Ebay.com, then you go to online retailers – and click directly on that “Clearance Sale” tab!

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