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What You Need To Travel Cheap

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What You Need To Travel Cheap

Baby Travel Needs

Traveling with a baby can be a nightmare. Not only can this be tough on you physically and mentally, but you must also keep a close watch on your finances. Doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, does it? Of course, this is taking things to extremes. You can most definitely travel cheaply with a baby no matter what situation you are in. And once you do this a few times you will make things much easier on yourself in the future.  Traveling with a baby can also be wonderful!

Tips for Travel On A Budget:

  • Don’t Be Afraid To Say, “No.” If you’re traveling with older toddlers and they’re old enough to ask you for things, don’t be afraid to say, “no.”  This is one biggy that will save you lots of money on stuff you or your toddler don’t need.  We all want to show our kids that we love them and we want them to have nice things.  ..But they don’t have to have everything! Consider teaching your kids how to be selective and buy smart – even at the age of 2.  It’s never too early to lead by example.  When you’re out shopping, especially when traveling, let them see that you want some things too, but you’re not going to get it because you simply choose “not right now.”  Let them know by being expressive and verbally say to yourself, “Gee, I want that, but I’m not going to get it right now.”  Let the child hear you and learn.  The “not right now” phrase will help a lot when a toddler is considering “a moment” in the checkout line and doesn’t understand why he’s not getting that toy.  If you feel that it’s not an item that you really need or want to buy, don’t be afraid to say, “no,” and stick to it.  Don’t get in the habbit of tossing extra items in your cart just to satisfy Junior and avoid a melt down.  You would only be setting yourself up for failure down the road (when the items get more expensive.)  Good habbits, including good spending habbits form early.
  • The Essentials, To Go. Make sure that you have enough diapers, wipes, formula, bottles, and more diapers.  This little thing alone is going to save you money because you can pretty much guarantee that the diapers and formula you have to buy in an airport or a hotel courtesy shop are not going to be cheap.  Not to mention the fact that carting your baby in and out of a store is never easy, especially with multiple kids.  Baby wipes are a prized thing to have when you’re traveling.  Only now, they’re not just for the baby.  Keep these handy and your trip will be cleaner and probably smell a little nicer too.  Remember one thing:  Vacations are not for diaper shopping.
  • Baby Food On The Go. No matter how old your baby, make sure that you have enough food to last the duration of your travel. This is one area that many parents underestimate time after time. Remember, it is better to pack too much food than not enough. Dining out with your baby can be done!  If you’re dining out in a restaurant with the baby, consider packing a small snack dish of baby food.  You can find small baby packs for food travel in most grocery stores or Walmart or Target.  These mini snack keepers are a must have when you’re on the go.  If you do pull out a baby food on the table at a restaurant, don’t worry.  Most restaurants respect that you need to feed the baby baby food and not a chicken club.  And any good waiter would even offer to warm it up.
  • Sleep and Save Money.  Have you ever thought about how much money stress can cost you?  If you think about it, we pay for all sorts of de-stressing things from products to spa treatments.  How much money do you think you would save if you never had to buy Asprin, IBprofen, Starbucks, Energy Drinks, Supplements, or that $80 massage?  We also tend to over eat and drink alcohol because of stress.  A lot of family travel budgets are busted when it comes to all day snacking and fast food joints.  How much money would you save on your travel food bill if you (and the baby) got a good night sleep everynight and stuck to a normal eating routine?  Take a note from your baby.  Let your body rest, drink lots of water, and feel your best throughout the day.
  • Stay Organized. If you want to travel with your baby in tote while staying frugal you need to be organized. This means that you should have all of the proper baby items in an obvious place, and your budget should be laid out in front of you.  I once had “a friend” who would have to buy the most basic baby things over and over again because she simply wasn’t organized and couldn’t find anything when she needed it.  This was rediculous and I had to step in with some see-thru storage bins.  If you’re in this situation too, you’re throwing money out the window.  Get some help from some friends if you have to, but get organized.  It’s not just important to know what you have, but know where it is.  And there’s nothing wrong with buying things along the way if they fit a need and fit your budget.

Soon enough you will want to take your baby on the road with you.  When the time comes, have fun traveling cheap!

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