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Free Baby Samples

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Free Baby Samples

Free Baby Samples are out there!  See below for a list of freebie links.  Are you having a new baby soon?  Did you just have a baby?  Did you know that you can stock up on free baby samples and supplies before that baby comes?  There are manufacturing companies out there that want to promote and givaway products so you’ll use them and use them again!  You’ll find that some of these juicy samples come pretty easily if you know where to look.

One kid favorite is Dandy Lyon Bites nutricious foods.  You can visit their site for free samples.  Some websites like Pampers.com, Huggies.com, Diapers.com, Free Pull Ups, and Luvs.com have places where you can register for promo updates via email and receive free samples delivered to your home, some on a regular basis.  Some of these sites offer additional product savings on other baby needs like lotions, baby washes, shampoos, wipes, powders, ect.

If your new baby is still on their way, think about being proactive and stock up early.  Most in demand items will be diapers, diapers, diapers!  So take some steps to finding good deals with free samples and stock up early.

For those that are planning on breastfeeding, consider that formula is a great secondary source to making sure your baby gets nutrition.  Sometimes, you may want to have some Formula Samples handy.  Formula manufacturers will promote their products as being supplemental to breastfeeding. However, if you are using only formula, you’ll find that the top formula manufacturers will send you free samples, even full product samples to let your baby try their formula first hand.  A few places to find offers for free baby samples are Similac.com, EarthsBest.com, Enfamil.com (Enfamil Rewards), Walmart.com (Free Samples Page) and Parents Choice Formula.

Like the product samples, you can sometimes sign up and receive these free formula samples on a regular monthly basis.  A visit to any product companies’ website is a great way to find more information regarding their free offers, including the makers of baby gear and various products.  Key baby items worth finding great deals on might be a BabyBjorn baby carrier, FREE bottles, FREE sippy cups, changing blankets (powder blankets), FREE diaper bag and free Enfamil baby samples, a travel stroller to keep in the trunk, baby care products, and of course, wipes.

New mom’s are prime targets.  Companies wants to give new mom’s free samples in hopes you’ll continue to use their products.  If you have your baby in a hospital, you’ll get treated to all sorts of free samples before you leave.  Don’t be shy, ask for extras if you can.

Interested in free samples of baby music CDs and DVDs?  Nearly all of the major music and movie distributors provide sample discs, again, in hopes you’ll continue to use their products.  The next time you visit a Babies R Us store, or your local Target, check out who makes or distributes those baby music CDs or movie DVDs.  They typically have a company website noted on the back of the packaging.  Visit these sites and see what kind of samples and special offers are waiting for you!

Free Sample Sites:  www.FreeSamplesNetwork.comParentsChoiceFormula.comPregnancy-Guide.netMySavings.comCall-In Free Samples, BestFreeStuffOnline.com.  The last website is full of all different types of free offers.  I thought I would toss this one in there because I did notice some nice freebies in there for moms and dads too.  Check out BestFreeStuffOnline.com for free diapers, free formula, free baby stuff, free gas, free haircuts, free family trips, ect.

BabiesOnline.com has useful links for Free offfers for American Baby and Parent Magazines.  Free baby photo prints, diapers, wipes, and more. Munchkin.com is where you can find product info on all sorts of baby stuff from sippy cup replacement parts to dangly squeeky things.  They offer free shipping promo code: FREESHIP when you shop at one of their online approved partners like Walmart.com, Target.com, and BabiesRUs.com.  So the next time you lose a sippy straw, don’t through it out!  You can get your replacement straws on Munchkin.com.  They also have coupons and freebies when you sign up.  Free Baby Music by Munchkin.com. Does Mozart sound better when it’s free?  I think it does.

Has your baby experienced Baby Einsteins yet?  If not, it’s highly recommended to stimulate your babies mind and spirit.  The way Baby Einstein pulls in every detail to the story, and how they explore the world around them is enough to keep even the most fussy baby quietly entertained.  These DVD’s are especially appreciated during bed time.  When they’re fussy about going to sleep, pop in one of the Baby Einstein DVDs to bring them some peace.  Find Discount Offers for Baby Einstein DVDs for Baby on Amazon.  Enjoy great deals on baby DVDs for as low as $3.99 in the Clearance section.

But if that’s not low enough for you, you can always contact the Baby Einstein company via email and visit their promo section on their website.  They offer FREE demo DVD along with other product offers. Baby Einstein FREE DVD demo.

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Free Baby Products

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Free Baby Products

Free Baby Products are definitely a topic parents want to talk about. If you’re looking for an easy to use directory, look no further.  Use this site as a resource guide to finding some of the best deals on the net.  When it comes to raising your baby and saving money, you’ll need all the tips you can get!  Free baby stuff is all around.  Whether you’re looking in the local paper, citywide magazine, or online, coupons and special offers are definitley out there.  Consider the articles that tackle this topic and give you the “How to’s” of getting free baby stuff…

Free Baby Stuff is right here!  Boy are you lucky to be reading this.  Here are some of the best links for free baby stuff that you’ll find on the net!  How about FREE tickets to the Ringling Circus for baby’s 1st circus?  If your baby is less than 12 months old and ready for their 1st Circus, then go to Ringling.com for FREE Circus Tickets.  You can find more links like these just by spending some time browsing the net.  You’ll find other free things like FREE Sippy Cups, FREE diapers, FREE Enfamil formula, FREE Boudreauxs Butt Paste, FREE Grocery Coupons, FREE BeechNut Baby Offers, FREE Diapers and Wipes, and an offer for a FREE Bug a Boo Stroller worth $760!

Have you heard of UnderJams, the newest solution for bed wetting.  Get your FREE Sample of UnderJams here.  You can also get a FREE Potty Training DVD from Huggies.

Other sites where you’ll find success are on the actual manufacturer’s websites.  Similac and other baby formula makers offer free samples on their sites among other special offers.  FREE Baby Formula Offer.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to spend a ton of time searching out these great deals.  The smart thing to do is to create a seperate email account for your freebies to go to.  That way you don’t hesitate to sign up worried that this might be the company that sells your information for spammers.  You have to give your info to get the goods.  It’s as simple as that.  This way, with a seperate email address, your personal email account wont get bogged down and you always know where to go to find your freeby emails.  Sign Up For Free Samples Here.  Also, CoolSavings.com and Coupons.com, are a good source for savings too.  Keep track of the good ones and pass it on.  We all have friends that like to save money too.

Baby Photo Contests are popular online.  As for the contests and sweepstakes, the more contests you apply for, the more chances you have to win.  TheCuteKid contest is one of the favorite baby photo contests out there.  They offer a grand prize of $25,000 for the cutest kid pic and up to $100,000 in overall prizes.  This is one worth checking out!

Photo Freebiees worth looking into are FREE photo albums and FREE photo sharing on SnapFish.com.  There, you will also find FREE photo printing offers and FREE photo software.  So there you go!  Now, when you want to submit that cutest baby pic for those contests, you can get your prints for free too!  Olan Mills also rewards you for having your new baby by offering absolutely FREE photos with Olan Mills Photo Studios.  Go to OlanMills.com and click on “Special Offers” and then click on “New Baby.”  Deals like this are fun!

Did you know that Walmart.com along with tons of other sites have “Free Offers” and “Great Deals” pages?  Recently, Walmart.com offered free sample packs of Cottonelle Baby Wipes, Huggies Pull Ups, Baby Care Products, ect.  This page changes often, so go see what’s there now.  Walmart’s Free Sample Page or The BabyCenter.com Free Offers page may have just what you’re looking for.

FREEcycle.com is also pretty handy to use from time to time.  It’s the perfect way to offer your used stuff for free and see if there are other free things out there for you that someone is wanting to give you.  It’s a new idea in recycling being put to work in a very trendy, online way.  It’s genius and it’s local.

Freepeats.com is another freebies site, only this one charges a $4.95 one time membership fee to see, offer, and receive other people’s freeby givaways.  For $4.95, why not take a peek!

Ready for some reading material?  These are a few recommended books:

FREE STUFF for the baby from PlanningFamily.com

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