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Best Spots to Hide a Nanny Cam

Best Spots to Hide a Nanny Cam. Hidden nanny cameras are no super spy secret anymore. Everybody knows about these gadgets, including the target, the nannies. The challenge lies in hiding these cleverly. Want to try these tips?

How to Catch Ogre Nannies.. Like your boss, you want your nanny to be productive and not waste time snoozing or using the phone for personal calls. In your case, you also want to be sure that your nanny is not mistreating your baby in any way. It goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway, it’s better to be overly skeptical than sorry.  But nannies know about the hidden nanny cameras and they’re just as sneaky as ever.  Some nannies will even go as far as to replace nanny tapes or re-record over digital recorders; even if they’re just doing something as harmless as raiding the refrigerator.  If a nanny suddenly realizes she’s been caught doing something wrong or just mildly embarrassing, there’s no telling what they might try to do with your nanny cam.

It is a nuisance that ads for nanny cams also advise where you can hide the tiny gadgets. But you can pull a fast one by being more creative with your hidden nanny cameras.  Yes, it’s true that it’s against the law not to inform that nanny that you have electronic spies in the house.  But if you are not living in California or Massachusetts, you do not have to give the nanny a nanny cam map.  We say forget this rule if you so feel compelled.  This is your child we’re talking about.  The point of the nanny cam is to get you the information you need to protect your kids.  Consider this though, if you feel compelled to spy on your nanny, or even have a tiny hunch that something’s going on, it may be time to forget the nanny cam and hire a new nanny!

Hiding the Nanny Cameras.  So where can you hide the nanny cameras? Every conceivable place has been thought up by great spy minds. Even helpless furry teddy has been enlisted to keep an eye on the nanny! Here are some great suggestions where to hide your nanny cam:

Best Spots to Hide the Nanny Cam:
Obviously, the nanny knows there are hidden nanny cameras in the nursery. She will behave there, even without a spy camera.  But if your budget allows, hide one there anyway.  Have you thought about placing a framed picture near the head side of the crib or the baby’s bed? You can see the nanny’s face if she is smiling and being kind to your baby ..or not.

The kitchen is another popular area, but where can you set up the hidden nanny cameras without being redundant? On top of the cabinets tucked in some decor or plants.  Also, above the fridge if you can tuck something back, away from the front edge.  Any place up high is best, especially if your nanny is not exactly the athletic type to reach in high places.  Think about a wide sweep view setting and a close up to check how the nanny prepares food for the children. Hide the camera in the framework of a mirror using a tiny drill to create a camouflaged hole, or lamp on the counter where food is usually prepared, and on the ceiling install a smoke detector clone, which is in reality, a camera (that’s our favorite!)

Unfortunately, the bathroom is an accident-prone area.  Install the camera on the wall where a view of every move can be captured. Do not place the camera where movements can be obscured. Your nanny may not be able to explain the bump on your baby’s head, but the camera will tell all.  Think about installing a fake air freshener, up high, in a corner, above the door, facing the tub area.  It’s really sad, but the truth is that bath time has been said to be a high stress moment for most nannies, especially if they’re caring for more than one child and it’s been a “long day.”   This is a common time for “accidents” to happen.

Use the pinhole camera in the living room. This is where nannies spend their time watching TV. Check if she is watching adult movies instead of letting the kids watch their favorite cartoon show. Children are impressionable and pick up what they see and hear every single second. Be alert to this and make sure you know what your nanny is allowing on the television.  Of course, now with the advancement of technology, you can install other parent watch software directly on your TV now.

If you have watched YouTube videos showing nanny brutality, most of them show the nanny’s back and the baby cannot be seen. You could not see if the nanny was pinching or squeezing the baby. Avoid this oversight, place hidden nanny cameras on both walls (even if you have to risk having more than one “air freshener” on the wall.)  It’s better to have your nanny cam discovered, and have her be extra careful because she knows she’s on camera.  You have to ask if they have any problem working while being taped, then why are they working there?  Sometimes, simply be asking this question will cause your nanny to be extra cautious just because now she has reason to believe she may be recorded.

If you’ve caught the nanny being abusive on tape, even mildly verbally abusive, fire her on the spot! Don’t wait until things worsen, or more harm is done to the children.  It would be the responsible thing to do for other families in the nanny’s future to report her and let other families know not to hire her.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much to hurt a small child or even cause fatal brain injuries.  Most fatal injury cases report that the nanny was under great stress, very apologetic, and shocked at the severity of damage done with slight shaking or hitting.  Who knows, you may be the person who saves a child’s life in the future.  If you should have the misfortune of discovering a nanny who shouldn’t be in the business, don’t just fire her, report her to authorities and file charges so that it appears on official records.  You won’t just be doing the kids a favor, but the nanny as well.  Nobody wants or intends to lose their temper and hurt a child.  It’s a devastating reality and you can do something about it.

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