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Nanny Contracts and Nanny Pay Rates

Nanny Contracts and Nannys Pay Rates

Nanny Contracts and Nannys Pay Rates

Nanny Contracts and Nanny Pay Rates. Before you start preparing a nanny’s contract, you need to remember that a good contract is the best way to set the right expectations between you and your nanny. After all, she or he is going to be your employee and that is why the contract should cover all issues related to her employment terms. Remember, it’s better to include too many topics in your contract, than not enough. You can never get too detailed on an agreement. It may save you in the end.

One of the best ways to start editing your own contract that can fit your needs is to look for a sample nanny contract over the web. Once you have found a contract you like, the following issues should be reviewed:

(1) The basics – should cover all the hours, including over time rate, and the nanny responsibilities and duties, both child and non-child related. Also the basics should include your contribution to medical insurance, and sick/holiday/time off. The weekly and even daily schedule should be clearly laid out so that everybody understands what is expected to keep the family running smoothly.

(2) The nanny salary – what should be her salary? Does she have the experience to demand a higher salary? What was her prior pay? How frequently will the nanny be paid? Tax deducting issues – will the nanny’s pay rate be figured at gross or net?

(3) House rules – this should basically include the life style you expect from her while she is in the house or with your kids someplace else. You can specifically mention smoking, visitors, alcohol use or any other issue you find important to mention in advanced. If you find a good sample nanny contract, you will be able to find more details related to this matter.

(4) Vacation days and sickness – does she plan to take some days off during the year? When she’s sick – how much notice do you expect from her?

(5) Safety – is your nanny CPR certified? What do you expect from her in emergency situations? Who should she call first? It’s highly important to make sure she will have an emergency contacts list that is kept up to date with all work and relevant cell phone numbers.

(6) Car use policy – do you want your nanny to use your personal vehicle to take your kids to school or to their afternoon activities? Will she be able to use it for her personal use or is the car only for child purposes? The car usage plays an important role in the salary rate. If she is given access to use a family car during personal time, and she can save on getting her own car, then this could potentially save you about $500 – $650 /per month in car benefits. Meaning, it costs the average person about $500 – $650 per month to own a vehicle.

(7) Confidentiality agreement – the person you are entering into your life will be exposed to personal family information. This can be about a family member’s health, finances, career or relationships.

(8) Termination – this is part of any employment relationship. Define termination notice on both sides. Reasonable notice should be four weeks.

A details sample nanny contract will help you to prepare a good contract and set the right expectations with your nanny. By addressing all issues up front, you avoid misunderstandings, assumptions, disappointment and conflict in the future.

Most Important: Have a Trial Week!!! Don’t forget to include a trial period in your contract. Agree to hire your nanny on a 1 week trial basis.  If you wish, you can insert a clause that the trial period may be extended if both parties agree. This will give the family and nanny time to get to know each other and see if this is a good fit for everybody. By then, each party will know if this is worth pursuing together.

You can also find samples of nanny contracts through nanny resource and hiring agencies. Typically, they will supply their clients with all the forms and contracts needed for hire, including information on filing employee tax forms. They also assist in contract review.  Following are a few links to learn more about hiring Nannies and Nanny Pay Rates.

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