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Money Saving Tips For a Family Holiday

Money Saving Tips For a Summer Family Holiday. If you’re planning on taking your family for a holiday this summer you’re probably interested in how you can do that and still save some money. There are all types of options for you, and one of the best ones is to stay closer to home. There are so many rich and beautiful areas that can be explored right in your own country that there’s no need to go to an exotic location this summer.  How much of the United States have you seen?  Have you considered exploring things within 300 miles of your house?  Sometimes there might even be something across town from you that you haven’t been to yet.  Its nice to find family events and shows right in your own neighborhood.  Who knows, you might even have fun!

The fun of a holiday is mostly about being together, anyway, so why not have a ‘staycation’ in your own country? You can be gone longer, see more things, and buy more souvenirs because you didn’t spend hundreds of dollars on a fancy hotel and a lot of airfare.  Not to mention the cost of getting a baby’s passport early.  These things have to be considered if you’re trying to be more frugal with the family budget.

Another thing you can do is go when the summer is just beginning or just ending, because places aren’t as busy then, and some of them will have better rates for things like hotel rooms and car rentals. If it’s not the peak of the tourist season you always have a chance to get something for less especially when you go online.

You don’t have to spend a lot on a hotel room, though, no matter when you go. You can stay in a self-catering cottage instead, or you can even camp. Camping is becoming one of the best ways for families to take great holidays without needing to spend a lot of money. It can be just you and a tent and a campfire, or you can stay in a campground setting that offers running water, an electrical hook-up, and bathrooms, as well as a club house, a pool, and restaurants.  This is not highly recommended if you’re planning a long trip with a new baby.  You have to take steps to be prepared when traveling or camping with a baby.  It’s nice to have the luxuries of home sometimes with a new baby.  There’s nothing wrong with enjoying your own sofa and your own porch for a while.  The new baby is probably entertainment enough.  Enjoy a relaxing and frugal summer.

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Frugal Travel

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Frugal Travel

Baby Travel

There is nothing worse than traveling with a baby and learning that you forgot something you needed at home. If you run into this situation it means you will have to stop along the way to purchase what you need.  This is not frugal traveling. In turn, you are wasting money.  As a frugal consumer and traveler this is sure to bother you around the 3rd time you realize you’re out of wipes and you have to pay double what they should cost, at the corner drug store.

Here are five items that you need to take with you when traveling with your baby:

  1. Diapers. Your best bet when traveling are disposable diapers. This way you can throw them out along the way instead of having to worry about where you are going to do the laundry.  Consider getting one of those space bags to store your diapers in the suitcase.  These are super space savers and the more you can pack, the less you will have to buy on the trip.
  2. Baby Food. Be sure to take more food than you think you will need. It is much better to take too much than not enough. Depending on where you travel to, baby food might not always be as easily accessible as it is at home.  When you’re on vacation, that is not the time to be testing out new baby food either.  This is when you want to keep some things the same as they would be at home.  Traveling can sometimes be stressful for babies too and nothing soothes a baby’s stress like the same milk and baby cereal they’re used to.  Plus, You don’t want to be stopping and trying to find the right food during your trip.  A hunt for baby food should be the last thing on your travel agenda.
  3. Toys and a Goodnight Book. You definitely want to take toys and a goodnight book when traveling with a baby. This will help to keep your baby happy and occupied on the plane while allowing you to save money too. If you don’t take any toys you may find yourself at the store shopping around for something to keep your baby occupied.  Plus, toys can also bring a sense of calm and comfort.  Remember the magic of the baby blanket?  It could be the perfect thing that calms your baby on the plane.  That and their favorite toys.  This is a fun suggestion:  Check out MyCreateABook.com.  This kid’s publishing company will actually personalize a children’s book for you.  I can’t think of anything else more perfect to take on a trip than a great story with the child’s name and story in it.  They have existing stories and books that you simply plug your child’s or children’s name into.  The average personalized book costs about $12.97   A pretty great deal!  ..Not to mention a whole lot of fun for a toddler to show off on your travels.
  4. Baby Clothes. This goes without saying, but you want to take enough clothes to get you through your entire trip. Remember to plan for unexpected events. You never know when you will spill something and an entire outfit will be lost before the day even begins.  When you’re on your trip, that is not the time to be hunting for bargains on pants and socks.  Give yourself the pleasure of actually enjoying your vacation. Consider traveling with a stain remover pen.  This could save you some extra laundry time later, not to mention save you from throwing out stained clothing.
  5. Stroller and Car Seat. Don’t get so caught up in the other items that you forget to take a stroller and car seat with you. It is particularly easy to forget these items if you are not traveling by car.
    Depending on what country or city you’re traveling to, the child might need a car seat.  Imagine how much money you would waste by being forced to purchase a stroller or car seat upon reaching your destination.  And you don’t want to use those cheapo car seats that the rental car company will try to rent you.  I’m sure they’re up to safety codes, but those things are just dirty!  Think through your trip and decide whether you will need a car seat or not.  If there is any chance you will (even on a tour or something), bring it!  Don’t take a chance.  Use car seats in taxies whether it’s required or not.  Same goes for strollers.  Strollers are a must have for babies and toddlers.  Even traveling with a three year old that should be pushing me, I’m thankful for bringing the stroller along everytime.  The stroller is a gift from heaven!  Even if you typically don’t use a stroller, bring one.  Strollers keep your kids from getting overly exhausted (especially when travelling), it’s good exercise for you, and it’s one way to keep your baby or big kid safe, where you can see them.

Frugal travel with your baby is more than possible if you take the above five items along for the ride.

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